Staying one step ahead with tech tools

MTG will invest $18 million in its Spanish foundry.

MTG combines decades of experience manufacturing ground engaging tools with its own foundry and innovation team. The combination of in-house design, manufacturing and technological nous allows MTG to make a name for itself in the Australian landscape.  

In its 60 years of existence, MTG has expanded into 60 countries thanks to a reliable distribution network. 

In Australia, where the company staked its claim around the start of the millennium, MTG relies on 2MT Mining Products to distribute its products across the country, from the Pilbara in Western Australia to the Bowen Basin in Queensland.  

But reliable distribution would be nothing without a quality product to deliver, so MTG proclaims that innovation without limits is its core value, and its ground engaging tools (GET) reflect this.  

MTG chief executive officer Javier Triginer says the company is uniquely positioned to be creative with its products, unlocking a range of potential for the mining industry. 

“You must be very brave to dare to innovate in your market with an expanded product that has functionalities you’ve never worked with before,” Triginer tells Australian Mining. 

“Not all GET manufacturers have the capacity to innovate. Indeed, many do not have innovation departments and therefore are unable to create new products.” 

This of course is not an issue at MTG, where a range of digitally enabled GET are on offer and in the works to satisfy an evolving industry. 

MTG engages with industry specialists to understand how best to combine its current expertise in mining consumables with the technological solutions of the near future.  

“We started the GET monitoring and detection project with an external electronic engineering company,” Triginer says.  

“We later brought this project in-house. Being manufacturers of GET we have been able to combine this technology with our products to produce a new market category.” 

The TERRA GET can be digitally enabled to improve safety and productivity.

One of MTG’s original GET products and one of the most popular in its line is TERRA – a cast lip solution which can be fitted to hydraulic mining shovels from 250- to 1000-tonne class machines. 

To ensure the quality of these products, the manufacturer has invested in its own foundry for a complete overview of the process behind the product.  

Triginer explains the benefits of owning and operating a foundry and the latest investment into MTG’s future. 

“MTG’s 60 years of experience in running foundries has equipped us to design and build the most modern and GET specialised foundry in the world,” he says.  

“MTG only manufactures GET within this foundry and we control the entire process from steel scrap selection to product packaging, to meet the highest standards. 

“Last July, we announced an $18 million investment in the foundry that will enhance our production capacity while improving the recycling rates of our consumables. This is a great step towards more sustainable activity.” 

By owning and operating its own foundry, MTG can send customer feedback straight to the designers, engineers and manufacturers for faster adaptation of suggestions.  

Triginer says the company highly values the input of its Australian customer base, being the most technologically advanced mining sector in the world.  

“The first step is to listen to customers: machine operators, GET crews, welders, maintenance and production engineers. Their inputs are key to understand how to improve products,” Triginer says.  

“We are able to be very flexible in redesigning products to suit varying customer ground conditions and we are able to do this very quickly.” 

One up-and-coming request of GET in Australia is for digital monitoring solutions which add value to an otherwise commonplace product.  

MTG has pioneered the digitising of GET and is conducting trials in the Western Australian iron ore sector. 

Triginer says the product type will only gain in popularity.

“Early indications are that this new GET detection solution is performing extremely well and we anticipate it being widely available in 2022,” he says. 

“In a few years the sensorisation of the GET will be a must, but currently there are very few players who are in a position to face this challenge.” 

MTG is also working on a brand-new cast lip design which will look to challenge traditional methods and bring significant improvement to operator efficiency.  

Triginer says the company is always looking one step ahead to ensure it remains relevant in the Australian mining industry.  

“Longer term, we think that we will play a critical role in sensing the stress GET is subject to when digging,” he says. “This would allow us to process such information and send the machine specific instructions to improve the digging efficiency, a critical step towards the autonomous excavator.”  

This article appears in the November issue of Australian Mining.

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