Special delivery for Elphinstone WR810 fleet

The Elphinstone WR810 Delivery with Crane.

The Elphinstone range of WR810 underground support vehicles is designed to thrive in the harshest underground hard rock mining environments. The new WR810 Delivery with Crane adds another support application to Elphinstone’s expanding underground support fleet.

Choosing the right support vehicle for an underground mining operation can significantly increase the productivity of the production fleet and reduce operational costs. 

The WR810 is a highly configurable, 10-tonne nominal base platform, comprising a scissor lift, agitator (six cubic metres), fuel and lube truck, and water cannon.

According to Elphinstone’s regional sales & support manager for the Americas, Nick Furmage, the WR810 model range is growing.

“We aim to expand the range of applications to meet the underground support equipment requirements of our customers,” Furmage says.

With a payload of 9800 kilograms, the new WR810 Delivery with crane ensures parts, components, equipment and maintenance personnel are transported safely and securely throughout the mine. The fully integrated Hiab X-HiDuo 092 ‘optimal performance’ loader crane features a rated lifting capacity of 8.8 tonne metre and a 7.7-metre outreach, providing a reliable solution for day-to-day heavy lifting.

“Operated by manual lever control or via the wireless joystick remote, the operator can manoeuvre loads from a distance with built-in intelligence and automatic speed control (ASC) for safe and effective load handling,” Furmage says.

Safety features include emergency crane stops located on the manual control station and wireless joystick remote. Stabiliser legs with levelling sensors provide a safe foundation with easy pack up for safe transit. The checker plate deck features thoughtfully positioned tie-down points and three-point access with high visibility green handrails and ladders on both sides.

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 Final engine arrangement is optional, adhering to EU Stage V exhaust emission standards. The engine arrangement offers a dual horsepower configuration set at 151 kilowatts (202 horsepower) for a higher performance rating. 

The lower reduced ventilation rating at 129 kilowatts (173 horsepower) is possible through a simple software change performed by a Caterpillar dealer. 

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 3 engine arrangement rated at 168 kilowatts (225 horsepower) is the standard option for less stringent emission regulations. 

Matched to the engine is a Cat five-speed (three-speed reverse) transmission fitted with a lock-up torque converter.

Downtime during service and maintenance is reduced through some clever engineering and design features.

Quick change air filters and 500-hour oil service intervals also reduce downtime and keep machines in operation for longer for greater productivity. 

The WR810 Delivery Cab’s interior.

The on-board warning and protection system continuously checks all critical machine functions for early warning and fast fault finding, recorded for analysis.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any piece of machinery employed in the mining world. 

“The majority of key safety items on the WR810 are mandatory base machine options,” Furmage says. 

Safety features include firewalls and heatshields, machine interlocks, centralised isolation points (engine disconnect switch, starter isolation switch, jump-start receptacle and fire system activation, if fitted). 

Optional features include an integrated fire suppression system and metallic fuel water separators made from a non- flammable material.

Emergency stops are fitted as standard inside the cabin, at ground level on the front left-hand side of the machine and located near the access ladders on the left- and right-hand side of the deck.

Integrated into the WR810 operator station is a ROPS (roll-over protective structure) ISO 3471:2008 and FOPS (falling object protective structure) ISO 3449:2005 that offers protection to the operator.

The operator station is designed to seat three people in comfort with exceptional visibility. This is ideal for training purposes, and allows the complete crew to travel collectively rather than deploying an additional light vehicle for personnel transport.

The driver’s seat is a ‘T’ seat with air suspension, and the crew seats are a standard ‘T’ seat or optional ‘T’ seat with air suspension.

Ergonomically designed machine controls are located for the operator to control the machine functions with minimal effort. The result is greater concentration on vehicle operation, with reduced operator fatigue.

The oscillating hitch provides superior operator comfort, four-wheel ground contact and reduced wear on the hitch and steering components.

“The WR810’s oscillating platform stops the transfer of rough conditions from the rear frame into the front frame. The benefit is a far superior ride by allowing the rear frame to oscillate,” Furmage says.

Elphinstone has adapted well to Australia’s COVID-19 environment of challenging border closures by expanding its presence in Western Australia.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re focusing on the Australian market by building local relationships to support our products,” Furmage says.

This move has progressed well, allowing Elphinstone to work much closer with underground mine operators.

All Elphinstone products, including the WR810, are sold through local Caterpillar dealerships.  

This story also appears in the September issue of Australian Mining.

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