SMC services the mining industry

With a firm understanding of mineral processing and quarrying applications the world over, SMC remains a leading a supplier to the industry.

Built to withstand aggressive mining environments, SMC focuses on delivering quality components with a long lifecycle for improved performance and reduced downtime.

Understanding some of the broader challenges that the mining industry faces allows the team at SMC to provide the best possible support. Current economic conditions, severe global competition, environmental regulations and a continuous focus on safety coupled with zero downtime are just some of the critical factors that the mining industry in Australia is grappling with.

By working closely with some of the leading mineral processing and quarrying operators in the country, plus many of the top machine builders in this sector, SMC has designed and developed a range of high performance products to combat the harsh working conditions often encountered in both mineral extraction and mineral processing.

Custom-built cabinets for the industry

Offering solutions such as large bore cylinders, air filtration equipment, air dryers and shut-off valves are just some of SMC’s offerings for the mining industry. In addition, SMC offers purpose-built cabinets to protect components and increase their lifespan.

Cabinets are custom-built based to customer requirements. Prior to build, customers will receive a layout and circuit drawing for approval.  Depending on the application, components fitted in the cabinet includes; AW series filter regulators, VHS series pad lockable isolation valves, VP7 series solenoid valves, KQG2 stainless steel fittings or KQ2 standard push-in fittings.

Cylinders for the mining industry

SMC’s range of specialist actuators are particularly suitable for mineral extraction, mineral processing and aggregate industry applications.

The CS1 series of heavy-duty cylinders is available in 125,140, 160,180, 200, 250 and 300mm bore sizes with seven mounting options and 19 made-to-order specifications (including heat resistant ((-10 to 150ºC)) and heavy-duty scraper models. Low friction (CS1Q) and Air-hydro (CS1Q) options are available upon request.

SMC’s high-quality crust breaker cylinders offer an excellent life cycle performance and value for money. These steel bodied cylinders operate at a fixed air pressure, delivering a fixed stroke. They do however vary according to crust strength and crust depth performance.

In addition, SMC manufactures specials and simple specials to meet exact, customised requirements. Other solutions include positioners, air preparation equipment and various valves.

Air preparation equipment

In every industry, properly prepared air is a must. In a harsh environment where time really is money, SMC offers a range of high-quality air preparation equipment to ensure reduced downtime and improved productivity.

SMC offers a comprehensive range designed to address every need in terms of air preparation. Components such as our AFF mainline filtration has a nominal filtration rating of 3 μm, ensuring that no dust particles enter the production process and that air is 100% prepared from the source. Also forming part of SMC’s air preparation offering, the AMG series ensures dry air for optimum performance by removing the water droplets in compressed air.

Other offerings include the AMD and AMF series for fine filtration. These are used as a compressed air pre-filter for precision instruments.

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