SMC offers smart positioning for mining

IP smart positioner on cylinder.

The tough operating conditions in the mines require constant innovation. SMC is committed to developing robust products which suit the production environment and answer the customer call for products which are easy to install, reliable, easy to maintain and robust enough to withstand the elements of their mining application.

SMC is pleased to announce the new remote positioner with no mechanical linkage wireless or external input signal.

The IP8101-X419 series impress with its dual wire input, which is compatible with most conventional facilities. The calibration and parameter functions are integrated.

The IP8101 is a rotary type smart positioner that will control the accurate positioning of linear and rotary type pneumatic actuators for process valves.

The cylinder or valve can be controlled accurately and maintains any selected position from fully open to fully closed as determined by the control system.

The product is now a standard product which means it is readily available from local stock holding in Australia and New Zealand; and is already in use in mining applications.

Easy to set up and program, the positioner can be supplied individually or integrated onto process valves and cylinders as a complete solution.

With local design, manufacturing and technical support, the SMC team is able to assist customers for most industrial applications requiring this type of positioning.

Programming is simplified by using a three button keypad and an integrated LED display. This allows for ease of calibration and setting of fail modes.

ATEX compliant, this product is a suitable for the harsh mining environment and the interchangeable mountings give customers the flexibility they need to suit their space.

Unique to this product is positioning which can be installed remotely from the cylinder. This is especially useful in locations with high temperature, an area with strong vibrations or hard to access locations.

The positioner does not require a mechanical linkage, and the feedback signal which is received from the sensor installed on the cylinder detects the position and controls the cylinder.

The IP8101 is available in 4-20mA analogue control, HART protocol and with digital and analogue position retransmission. These serial protocol transmission functions allow for remote monitoring and setting change of positioner.

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