SKF helps companies increase performance, productivity from horizontal grinding mills

Best performance is not an unachievable concept when it comes to horizontal grinding mill performance – the most critical asset of a hard rock mining operation.

With only one or two horizontal grinding mills per plant, unplanned outages can stop production altogether.

Common frustrations faced by mining companies are connected to insufficient availability due to unpredicted failures and unplanned shutdowns.

SKF, a company capable of boosting rotating shaft performance, has an answer that can help mining companies prevent major cost of operations and escalated uptime.

Its new pay-for-performance business model allows mining companies to increase mill availability using operating budget rather than capital investment budget.

SKF seeks to align the interests of the customer and the supplier using fee-based performance business models that improve value creation for all

“There is a way you can help improve mean time between failures and reduce your operating costs,” SKF stated.

“Initiate a monitoring (program) that integrates bearing technology, lubrication management, fault detection and reliability services.

“… A data-driven maintenance approach makes it possible to move from a reactive and preventive maintenance regime to a cost-efficient and safe predictive maintenance model.”

Companies can subscribe to SKF’s services for a monthly or quarterly fee, instead of making large capital investments.

Its pay-for-performance model works by identifying areas for improvement, potential downtime and the use of technology and services to solve challenges.

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SKF also offers customised mill fault detection systems, bearing and gearing inspections, lubrication system checks, drivetrain condition checks, application redesign and simulation, bearing housing and gear selling upgrades, as well as precision installation and alignment services.

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