SKF-Lincoln grease injector raises mining productivity

The SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector can easily be retrofitted into existing automatic lubrication systems.

SKF and JSG Industrial Systems have unveiled the latest generation single automatic lubrication system injector, the SKF-Lincoln SL-6, for the highest performance.

With higher demands on productivity, less time for maintenance and no tolerance for unplanned stops, lubrication performance has become the key to machine uptime and efficiency.

This focus is particularly relevant for heavy equipment where high loads, vibration, dust and dirt present extreme operating conditions. 

According to SKF, a leading global bearing and lubrication system manufacturer, poor lubrication causes about 36 per cent of all premature bearing failures, leading to costly repair and maintenance that causes unnecessary downtime for mining and industrial operations.

JSG Industrial Systems, a subsidiary of the John Sample Group, has been a distributor of SKF-Lincoln lubrication systems since 1961, becoming its largest lubrication system partner globally. 

SKF and JSG have introduced the new SKF-Lincoln SL-6 grease injector, the latest generation of single-line automatic lubrication system injector focussed on providing efficient lubricant distribution in harsh environments for dump trucks, excavators and other mining and construction equipment.

The SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector
retrofitted into an injector bank.

The patented SKF-Lincoln SL-6 injector has been designed with ease of use and fast maintenance in mind. 

It has outstanding leak protection and service life, even with harsh EP (extreme pressure) greases. The SL-6 can easily be retrofitted to existing single-line lubrication systems.

Quick maintenance features include a highly visible red indicator pin, an adjusting screw to adjust lubrication rates requiring only basic tools, and a hex-shaped body to maximise working space, making for easier service and maintenance.

For optimal lubrication performance, the injector’s vent and reset speed is faster than any other injector in the market, according to SKF. 

The design of the injector creates a daisy-chain reaction where the venting and reset of the first injector in the system causes the adjacent injector to vent and reset setting off a chain reaction through the entire system until every injector has vented and reset. 

Leaking injectors can cause under-lubrication of a bearing and grease bypass. The improved sealing technology of the SL-6 injector reduces the risk of leaks, and in the unlikely event of a failure, the grease is bypassed to the bearing. Repair is then possible by simple replacement and service of two components.

The SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector
retrofitted into an injector bank.

Describing the benefits of automatic lubrication, SKF states in its product press release: “Lubricating manually takes extra time, requires the machine to be stopped, and tends to swing between wasteful initial over-greasing and, over time, damagingly low lubrication.” 

A proper lubrication system makes sure lubricant constantly flows to bearings, pins and bushings. 

It lubricates machines while in motion, overcoming loads and allowing grease to protect all wear surfaces. 

“The SL-6 injector and SKF-Lincoln lubrication systems help customers to take a giant step toward increased productivity. With less maintenance, less time spent on manual greasing, reduced grease consumption and longer component life, customers will see an immediate return on their investment,” SKF states.

JSG Industrial Systems uses its vast application engineering resource base, as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory specifications to determine the correct lubrication system needs for customer applications. 

The company takes the complete range of SKF-Lincoln lubrication solutions to market and combines this with in-house engineering expertise and extensive application experience to deliver solutions tailored specifically to customer needs.

JSG provides access to the supply of SKF-Lincoln lubrication systems through a network of national partners covering system scoping, design, installation and commissioning with comprehensive aftersales support.  

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