Session continuity: the key to zero downtime for autonomous mining operations

Mining operations strive to improve production capacity, operational efficiency, and safety. One method is the use of autonomous machinery.

Mining operations constantly strive to improve production capacity, operational efficiency, and safety. One method gaining widespread acceptance is the use of autonomous drills and vehicles. These are no ordinary vehicles, and Mavenir has provided no ordinary solution for ensuring network reliability and session continuity for their smooth operation.

Not only do autonomous operations improve profitability by increasing productivity, they also improve the lives of the mining employees with connectivity, safety, training, and new skills. Implementing autonomous haulage across mining operations makes sense, but continuous operation and ultra-reliable connectivity are critical to making the process productive, profitable, and safe.

Unreliable voice or data connectivity, high latency, and slow throughput make autonomous mining operations undependable, insecure, and impact revenue. If autonomous vehicle operations fail due to unpredictable network downtimes or loss of connectivity to the vehicle, the entire site comes to a halt, stopping operations and costing the mining company valuable revenue.

Innovative vendors are bringing new solutions, so the industry no longer has to accept these risks.

Mavenir, a trusted source by many of the world’s largest mobile network operators for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network solutions, is partnering with customers to deliver a highly reliable connectivity solution that helps achieve the goal of zero downtime for autonomous mining operations. This next-generation mining network solution includes Mavenir’s proven Converged Packet Core, Open vRAN, Cloud-Native IMS, and the 5G OpenBeam radio portfolio and is designed on a fully software-based, open, 100% cloud-native, services-based architecture.

The Mavenir solution keeps vehicles continuously connected to a central data centre. Autonomous vehicles transmit their location, direction, and speed several times each second, enabling acute situational awareness. Reliable session continuity depends on redundancy across data centres to safeguard the connected vehicles and the employees who work in the area. The Mavenir architecture and design, which ensures failover recovery time of fewer than five seconds, is instantaneous so that no manual intervention is needed. Should network issues occur, the equipment remains connected to one of the data centres, unaware of an issue, and experiencing no downtime to the mining operation. The autonomous hauling continues to move smoothly. This inherently open, flexible, and cloud-native solution ensures the high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability that are critical to session continuity, thus enabling all mining sites’ safe and smooth operation.

As an example, a major Australian mining company has been using Mavenir’s solution for its autonomous fleet. This growing company has improved operational efficiency, hauled billions of tonnes of material, and doubled productivity in less than two years.

Mining companies are committed to improving operations and keeping workers safe. Mavenir’s solutions can help the mining industry make data and voice communications reliable, manage multiple connected sites, synchronise data, and have centralised network provisioning and management. Session continuity takes mining operations to a new level of efficiency. Mavenir’s solutions are helping customers deploy dependable networks that minimise the impact of failure, protect revenue, and make the mining industry safer, sustainable, more autonomous, and efficient.

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