Sandvik releases upgraded Pantera drill rigs

Sandvik has developed an upgraded version of its new Pantera top hammer drill rig.

The manufacturer launched the new range of drill rigs to fanfare last year.

The new Pantera rigs are known as the DP2000 in the case of the top hammer drill, and the DI6400 in the case of the down the hole rig.

Speaking to Jan Petzold, Sandvik's vice president for mining, drilling equipment product lines TH and DTH, he told Australian Mining that although it is an old name (they stopped producing the Pantera line in 2006) it is a new family of percussive drilling machines.

"People are missing the names in drills, and lately it is just a list of letters and numbers for drills, so we are going back to what customers prefer," Petzold explained at the time.

Now Sandvik has upgraded its DPi top hammer range, redesigning its operating system and featuring a completely new rock drill.

The DPi 6.0 features a redesigned control system with an updated user interface and touch screen that enables enhanced trouble shooting functions and more precise drilling.

The upgraded drills feature a high frequency RD1635CF rock drill with a Circulating Shank Lubrication System (CSL) for faster penetration.

"In CSL oil is circulated through filters and reused, rather than just collected," the company explained. 

“The new CSL system reduces shank lubrication oil consumption by up to 70 per cent compared to the old system, and increases significantly the life time of coupling sleeves”, Ilkka Lahdelma, product line manager, surface drilling for Sandvik Construction, stated.

"The drill rig has really been redesigned with economy in mind. It has also been enhanced with a new compressor control system that provides even better fuel efficiency," he added.

Additional changes include modifications to the rig to improve maintenance accessibility.

The DPi 6.0 also comes with 'Driller's Notes' technology "that allows the operator to add hole information, such as voids and cavities, to hole quality reports during drilling," Sandvik said.

"The Pantera DPI 6.0 drill rig family consists of two models: Pantera DP1100i for hole sizes of 89 – 140 mm and Pantera DP1500i for hole sizes of 102 –152 mm, with production capacities of 1.5 million tonnes and 2 million tonnes annually respectively.

"Both are available with low fuel-consumption and low-emission Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final engines."

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