RPM launches new mining simulation software

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) announces the release of its latest equipment simulation software for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

SIMULATE, a  user-friendly and intuitive enterprise simulation product for OEMs is the latest in a long line of releases from RPM beginning with TALPAC, the company’s first mining simulation product launched over 30 years ago. 

TALPAC’s comprehensive equipment database of trucks, loaders, scrapers and underground equipment including more than 500 trucks and 400 loaders has seen the product evolve into a go-to tool for comparison of mining equipment available on the market today.

RPM subsequently expanded their simulation offering with the release of DRAGSIM (a dragline simulation product), Underground Coal TALPAC (a longwall simulation product), and HAULNET (a haul route simulation product), all of which were readily embraced by the mining industry.

In 2014, the company released HAULSIM, a 3D discrete event simulation product simulating equipment interactions and infrastructure as well as the traditional haul cycle.

Work on RPM’s latest equipment simulation software began early this year through a collaboration with one of the world’s largest OEMs. The enterprise simulation platform enables the OEM to model complex 3D mining environments using their own mining equipment. RPM’s OEM partner has now purchased SIMULATE and intends to roll the product out to its global dealer network.

SIMULATE combines all the essential features of RPM’s simulation offerings including TALPAC, HAULNET, and HAULSIM into a single, highly visual and enterprise-enabled application. With enterprise integration, SIMULATE is a fully integrated, seamless 3D simulation solution specifically designed for OEMs.

Optimisation of haulage systems through informed equipment decisions is paramount to increasing the economic efficiency of mining operations. SIMULATE enables OEMs to use their customers’ data to rapidly model their entire mining operations and then accurately demonstrate the resulting financial value provided by their equipment and services.

Commenting on the latest release, RPM’s CEO Richard Mathews said SIMULATE has been designed to equip OEMs with a platform for providing accurate, sustainable and productive solutions for their clients.

He added SIMULATE will allow OEMs to provide their existing and prospective clients with a complete equipment solution that enables a step change in operational performance.

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