Roundtable focuses on adhesive cost-saving solutions

Live demonstration of the new LOCTITE hybrid technologies.

The harsh environments of mines and quarries can result in much wear and tear of equipment. High-strength adhesives, lubricants, cleaners, sealants and abrasion solutions are common repair tools used in general mining maintenance, whether it’s conveyor belt repairs, piping, ball mills, or whatever else needs work.

Global adhesive manufacturer Henkel hosted an exclusive breakfast roundtable bringing together guests from various industries to identify cost-saving solutions via the efficient and effective use of LOCTITE sealants and adhesives for such industrial repairs. Henkel acquired LOCTITE in 1997, and the launch of its new LOCTITE hybrid adhesive technology is another milestone development toward solving design challenges for industry partners.

The event, titled ‘Limitless Bonding’, saw senior industrial designers, maintenance managers and engineers come together to focus on how operators can benefit from the latest advancements in adhesives.

Henkel has used this hybrid adhesive technology in its LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders, which allow business to save on maintenance costs and increase machinery reliability by offering the most advanced adhesive features.

It combines the most critical attributes of a cyanoacrylate – fast fixture time and substrate versatility – with the advantages of using a structural epoxy: high bond strength; temperature, environmental and impact resistance; and the ability to fill gaps up to 5mm.

In an exclusive live demonstration of the new technologies, Henkel’s head of technical services for Australia and New Zealand, Michael Hajj, said that the company had identified three challenges that needed to be addressed: production delays as a result of protracted fixture times; limitations with design, especially when bonding two dissimilar substrates; and providing products that are safer to work with.

“To address these concerns, Henkel merged two different technologies to create fast-curing adhesives with gap-filling capability, offering great structural performance on plastic, rubber, metal and other materials,” he said.

These include LOCTITE HY 4060 is suitable for fast, efficient repairs; LOCTITE HY 4070 is an ultra-fast hybrid blend for fast curing times with non-sagging formulation; LOCTITE HY 4080 has been optimised for products in the 3D printing space; and LOCTITE HY 4090 has been developed with good moisture, chemical and temperature resistance of up to 150 celsius.

After the live demonstration, attendees participated in roundtable discussions to share their thoughts on the challenges that businesses face in industrial repair and assembly. A speaker from each table then highlighted the benefits of incorporating LOCTITE products into manufacturing processes. Based on roundtable feedback, the main talking points were product reliability and versatility as well as optimal OH&S when handling and applying the hybrid adhesive technologies.

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