Rexnord, CBC join forces to keep mine in motion

Extreme industrial applications demand gear drives that perform reliably every day. So when Andrew Sirl, a CBC Technical Services Manager, learned that his customer, a major South East Asian mining operation, was running an outdated gear reducer on their reclaim water pumps, he proposed an upgrade.

The mining operation, as Andrew explains, was using an aged FalkTM Y-Series gear reducer on water reclaim pumps which were critical to the mine’s operations. The gear reducers had been in service for 40 plus years, in itself a testament to Falk quality but meant they had outdated gear design technology which was no longer stocked. Every time the site needed to refurbish the gear reducers, components such as the gearing, housing and shafts had to be individually manufactured as indent items.

In consultation with engineers from Rexnord Australia, the CBC technical team proposed replacing the dated unit with a new gearbox that would feature more torque capacity, higher thermal performance and more convenient servicing: the Falk V-Class.

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