Respecting the humble gauge

Pressure gauges have been around for many decades, and will be for many more; however users should be aware of the safety issues regarding this vital instrument.
While the Bourdon pressure gauge was first patented in France in 1849 by Eugene Bourdon, the principle of operation has changed little since then and has been widely adopted by industry because of its superior sensitivity, linearity, and accuracy despite the widespread adoption of other digital instruments.
While relatively simply in operation, Norm Robertson, Marketing & Sales Manager with Floyd Instruments, says the correct installation and operation of a pressure gauge is vital for its safe and efficient use. 
“The incorrect use of a pressure gauge can cause major damage to a system and serious injuries to the user. 
“The user must ensure that a pressure gauge is installed and used in such a way that pressure-related hazards are eliminated to a maximum extent,” Robertson said.
He says it is vital that users check that the pressure gauge is suitable for its planned use in terms of operating pressure (OP) and operating temperature (OT), and in terms of the safety level of the pressure gauge, connection interface and type of mounting.


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