REMA TIP TOP’s market offensive in Australia

German-based global company REMA TIP TOP has increased its activities in the important Australian market.

With wholly-owned subsidiary REMA TIP TOP Industry Australia and the newly-opened Brisbane Centre of Excellence, the globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and processing technology, as well as tyre repair, is striving for market leadership on the Australian continent.

“Because of its natural resources, the Australian market is of great importance in our fields of business,” Udo Zimmer, chief executive officer of REMA TIP TOP AG, said.

“The complete acquisition of REMA TIP TOP Industry Australia and the opening of our Brisbane Centre of Excellence release our full potential and demonstrate our leading role in Australia.”

After strengthening the service department in the first step, the company now focusses on increasing the product sales.

This includes products from the conveyor belting portfolio, like conveyor belts, belt cleaning systems or pulley laggings, as well as the expansion of the surface protection division.

In July 2019, REMA TIP TOP therefore opened the Brisbane Centre of Excellence as its east coast surface protection hub, extending on the expertise of its Western Australia surface protection operations in Perth.

This strategic positioning enables the company to provide increased local and national service capabilities for its customers on a market, whose size and long delivery routes are an ongoing challenge.

To provide the best possible service, REMA TIP TOP supplies a combination of in-house products and goods from selected partners, which meet the corporate quality standards as a part of strategic partnerships.

“Our aspiration is the market leadership in Australia, regarding material processing as well as surface protection,” Karsten Bartnicki, chief executive officer Industry Australia, said.

“A current order about rubber lining of 80 storage tanks with our rubber products strengthens our confidence in our plan.”

With the majority takeover of the Australian company ConvaTech in 2016, REMA TIP TOP did the first steps towards market leadership.

At the end of 2018, Karsten Bartnicki was installed as the CEO of the Australian subsidiary, which is predicted with an annual turnover of $160 million in 2019.

REMA TIP TOP will increase its share in the 2016-acquired company from 76 per cent to 100 per cent to ensure a complete implementation of the corporate strategy.

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