Quicksilver lines the path to success

E-Plas’ Quicksilver Lining Systems are designed to protect and prolong trailer life with their unique UHMW-PE material, capable of delivering both driver safety and company productivity in one tip.

Drivers and hauliers face common problems in their  day-to-day jobs. These include sticky materials, incomplete offloading, steep tilt angles and uneven ground, all of which can pose a safety risk, loss of time and revenue.

A successful hauling operation would mean that materials are offloaded completely without caking, freezing or manual cleaning required. A trailer lining can ensure this ease of operation and the QuickSilver liner is recognised as one of the leading products in this field.

Through distributor E-Plas, the QuickSilver tipper liner has been available to Australian mining and bulk handling operations for 15 years. The liner provides a slick surface that promotes accelerated dumping from tippers whilst protecting the trailer body.

“QuickSilver has proven to be an exceptional product in many bulk handling applications, due to its durability and ability to handle a diverse range of materials, from mineral sands to snow, sludge and clay,” E-Plas director Lisa Marshall says.

The product is made from a complicated mix of state-of-the-art, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and specialised additives that make it virtually self-cleaning and “extraordinarily slippery”. The load doesn’t stick to the liner, so layers don’t build up from previous deliveries, helping to reduce material compaction and carry-back.

“I described it once to a colleague in the industrial building sector it’s like ‘Teflon for tippers’,” Marshall says.

The ‘slippery’ feature also offers safety advantages as material doesn’t cling to the surface. Rocks, rubble and other loads will slide out of a trailer at a 45-degree angle seamlessly.

Most loads dump clean by the third ram stage with no additional release agents. This reduces tip-over risk and protects the integrity of the original equipment.

“We have seen unlined trucks go over when tipping heavy loads that have hung-up in trailer bodies, and this is not something an operator wants to encounter especially when carrying tonnage,” Marshall says.

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