Qualifications a big asset to career in industry maintenance

CQUniversity’s Asset and Maintenance Management qualifications are a practical and flexible pathway for careers in big industry.

Turning your trade into a management role can be tough – and when you want to make the leap, taking time away from the tools isn’t always an option.

That’s why CQUniversity’s Asset and Maintenance Management courses are offered completely online and specifically for those already working in industry: so students can skill up, continue working and study when it suits them.

That was former aircraft technician Bradley Crisp’s biggest concern.

“CQUniversity’s offering was delivered entirely online by distance education and that was extremely beneficial,” Bradley explained.

Having completed a degree through the Defence Force, Bradley took on the Master of Asset and Maintenance Management (AMM), and found it opened many doors.

“The course was extremely well-developed, and we had an extremely good lecturer and subject matter expert in that field,” Bradley said.

As well as flexible lectures streamed online, Bradley found an encouraging and motivating student community connecting across Australia, and hands-on support from practical academics.

“One supervisor actually visited me at my workplace (at the time), and he was able to guide me and monitor the progress of my project.

“He showed me how what I was doing in aviation related to different industries – the actual practical, in-industry experience that all my lecturers brought was very helpful.”

After graduating in 2016, Bradley’s CQUni qualification helped him secure senior roles in mining and mineral equipment maintenance.

CQUniversity’s Asset and Maintenance Management courses have been specifically designed for those working in industry providing great opportunities for upskilling in your chosen career path.

There are entry requirements into the courses including that potential students must be currently employed in the field of either maintenance engineering, maintenance or asset management and hold relevant qualifications or have sufficient industry experience.

The innovative Graduate Certificate of Asset and Maintenance Management introduces trade-experienced students to maintenance, reliability and engineering management, and is a pathway to the leadership-ready graduate diploma and master courses.

Graduates from the courses have gone on to secure jobs across Australia’s biggest industry players, including Queensland Gas Company, Rio Tinto, Thiess, NRG Gladstone, and within local and state government.

Many more of the AMM students come to CQUni from industry roles, as managers embrace the courses to grow workforce capabilities and knowledge.

The Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management can be completed over one year, or two years part-time, with the graduate diploma two years full-time, and the master three years part-time.

The courses have been developed in consultation with Queensland’s biggest industry players, to ensure graduates are ready to take on current and emerging challenges for the sector.

Visit CQUni’s Asset and Maintenance Managementcourse information on their website for more information.

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