QME 2014 Preview: Collision avoidance systems

SAFEmine will display their new revolutionary TrackingRadar solution at the Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition, on stand A162, which is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel and vehicles during on-site mining operations. 

The SAFEmine TrackingRadar is a world-first revolutionary object-tracking system for heavy equipment that utilises the latest in radar technology to provide situational awareness and charactise a potential hazard's position or motion. 

This is derived from risk-based algorithms, which differentiate between objects that may lead to imminent collisions and objects that are non-threatening. 

Utilising the TrackingRadar in unison with SAFEmine's Collision Avoidance System (CAS) technology, ensures audible alarms and visual notifications are delivered to a vehicle operator when a collision is likely, which includes a detailed visual representation of all objects surrounding the vehicle that are displayed in either a simple LED traffic indicator form or detailed Top View display. 

This real-time analysis is beneficial in reducing unnecessary alarms (true alarms only), improving alarm effectiveness and operator focus. The SAFEmine TrackingRadar also provides the following operational features:

  • Detection of vehicles, fixed hazards (such as rocks and buildings) and ground personnel
  • Has an extended range of up to 25m
  • Detects & tracks multiple objects simultaneously
  • Only signals true alarms
  • Fully integrated functionality with SAFEmine CAS
  • Configurable to site-specific requirements – such as range, speed and geo-fencing
  • Two detection zones per unit.

The SAFEmine CAS is a surface mining solution that is aimed at providing increased operational safety for vehicle operators and is aimed at improving productivity, reducing downtime and increasing cost-effectiveness. 

This system offers 360° protection at any speed or visibility, with 3 screen operations to cater to any driver's needs, is upgradeable and customisable to a particular mine site's requirements and fully compatible with the TrackingRadar System. 

The CAS also has various optional add-ons including: over-speeding alarms, rollover alarms, voice output, fixed hazard maps and boom gate activation. 

By adopting SAFEmine's CAS and TrackingRadar systems mining companies can instill confidence in their vehicle operators that their vehicle, surrounding personnel and equipment are safe; every time they start the engine and conduct their work. 

With headquarters in Switzerland, SAFEmine provides advanced traffic safety solutions for surface mining vehicles using proven and patented technology that requires minimal installation and unrivalled cost-savings. SAFEmine's CAS solution sets a world-wide standard by utilising audio and visual indication to prevent potential collisions and assists operators by improving traffic awareness, particularly in blind spots around the vehicle and has already protected more than 18,000 vehicles in over 45 mine sites globally. 

In March 2014, SAFEmine became a subsidiary of Hexagon, a Swedish company that is a leading provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies 

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