QME 2014 Preview: Bulk materials handling solutions

Kinder & Co has announced their plans to showcase five key products from their bulk materials handling solutions range, on stand B192 at the Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition, to be held at the Mackay Showgrounds from July 22-24 2014. 
At QME 2014, Kinder & Co will showcase five solutions from their 'MADE BETTER' product range, including the K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal, K-Superskirt, K-Superline, K-Redi-Liners and the Eraser Primary Belt Cleaner. These products are designed to contain material, which is a vital to increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness, by eliminating spillage and its associated labour costs.  
This product range provides effective solutions that are easy to install, are light weight and offer superior durability due to their technologically engineered polyurethane build; which has 8-10 times the life wear of quality rubber. 
Kinder & Co have confirmed that the correct installation and placement of these products will be demonstrated on their stand at regular intervals throughout QME, with samples to feature on their purpose-built demonstration conveyor trailer.  
At QME 2014, Kinder & Co will primarily focus on showcasing the benefits of their K-Snap-Loc® Dust Seal System and K-Superskirt Engineered Polyurethane products to the mining industry.  
The K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal System designed to prevent spillage, is easily installable through its easy "snap on" placement method, lightweight build that requires less labour and can easily be replaced. Made from high-quality engineered polyurethane, is suitable for all belt widths and trough angles, creates 60 per cent less drag on the conveyor belt to improve energy efficiency and is available in fire retardant or fire resistant anti-static formulas (FRAS).  
Kinder & Co's K-Superskirt Engineered Polyurethane is perfectly suited to provide a reliable and robust skirting solution for conveyor belt transfer points. Following extensive field testing, the K-Superskirt has been found to be 8-10 times stronger than other comparable high quality rubber alternatives, resulting in a longer life and reducing labour costs by requiring less maintenance. This product is also highly beneficial to the conveyor belt by reducing friction due to the 60 per cent lower co-efficient compared to rubber, reducing the amount of energy required to operate and its nonporous build eliminates collection of fines or other material that can potentially damages belts.  
In addition to these products from the 'MADE BETTER' range, Kinder & Co will also showcase the following products: 
· K-Superline – A unique urethane wear liner that is designed to protect against 
sliding abrasion, impact damage, sticking material or excessive corrosion. This product has been proved to last longer, be easier to install and emits significantly lower noise levels. 
· K-Redi-Liners – A new generation of polyurethane liners, which are part of Kinder & Co's Anti-wear range and is a bolt-in modular lining system that replaces areas of high abrasion/impact instead of the whole liner. 
· Eraser Primary Belt Cleaner – Ideal for installation in hard to access or reach places due to the self-adjusting tensioner. This ensures less ongoing maintenance and adjustment and avoids 'over-tightening' or 'over-tensioning'. 

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