Pushing the boundaries with Vermeer equipment

The Vermeer T1655III Surface Excavation Machine is an efficient surface mining solution.

Industrial equipment specialist Vermeer WA & NT is scratching more than just the surface with its precision mining equipment.

Vermeer has supplied equipment for major industries, including mining, civil construction and forestry since 1948.

The company has branched out from its American roots and enjoyed a long-time Australian presence.

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT is one of two individual Vermeer dealerships that cover different states and territories in Australia.

The locally-owned dealership has been supplying Vermeer mining equipment since 1993, and has a track-record with some of the nation’s major mining companies.

Based in Western Australia, the lifeblood of Australia’s mining industry, Vermeer WA & NT offers a vast range of products, such as surface mining and excavation equipment, open cut trenching and pipeline construction trenchers, horizontal boring equipment, forestry and the very popular non-destructive digging, vacuum excavators.

Vermeer has retained a globally-renowned presence for its surface miners, with the 185-tonne T1655III and the 100-tonne T1255III Terrain Levelers being used in surface mining applications across the globe.

The crux of these machines is in their ability to provide a viable alternative to drill and blast applications when required, while still working within the drill and blast model.

With its counter rotating 5.5-metre long tracks, low centre of gravity and excellent manoeuvrability the T1655 is capable of working in small areas, especially when close to existing infrastructure.

The top down cutting action on the 4.6-metre wide drum of the T1655 does not move the material and leaves it free of dust in-situ.

Waste and lower grades can be easily identified and removed, improving chemistry and reducing the dilution of ore.

The T1655 and T1255 have also been successful in historical and environmentally sensitive areas. They both deliver considerably less ground disturbance while also eliminating any fly rock contamination and preserving voids on mesa edges in the process.

Operator safety is enhanced with the remote control option that both machines can be fitted with. This option also sees benefits when cutting up against highwalls in surface mining applications.

“Vermeer’s philosophy is to sell a piece of equipment that can be more versatile and be more productive than the standard status quo way of doing things,” Vermeer managing director Wes McCartney tells Australian Mining.

“These machines, once they’re on site they’re always kept busy, they’ll always find something to do. They are a very versatile product.”

Examples of their versatility include drill pad preparation on contours, road maintenance applications, involving the return of fines back into the matrix for stronger pavement and a reduction in deformation and dust.

McCartney says the smaller T1255 has helped revolutionise second over burden removal applications both locally and globally.

“The T1655‘s 100-tonne brother, the T1255, is a real performer,” he says. “Available in chain drive and direct drive configuration, these machines revolutionised the second over burden removal procedures on bauxite mines here in WA and around the world.”

With the ability to operate on steep terrains, the T1255 can cut both vertical and 85-degree walls. It also enables drills and ANFO trucks to access steeper terrains with improved safety.

Vermeer’s vacuum excavator range has also proven to be a valuable option within drill and blast applications.

“Even our Vacuum excavators have played a significant role on drill pads [by] reclaiming drill holes after rain events, releasing the drills from rectification work alleviating disruption and bottlenecks with the short- and long-term planning,” McCartney explains.

“(They can be) utilised for other duties such as non-destructive excavation when pot holing for electrical, gas and water services. Utilisation of Vermeer vacs on site is phenomenal.

“When it comes down to it, Vermeer WA & NT have 15 years’ experience with these tried and proven machines in the mining industry.

“To take the onus off the customer’s shoulders, our track specialist is available for site visits to assess suitability and can provide production rates and cost per cube estimates from rock samples tested in our rock lab.”

This article also appears in the October issue of Australian Mining.

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