Proleum branches out into above ground fuel storage tanks

Proleum 200 Kilolitre above ground fuel tank – 3D engineer image

Proleum, an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to the provision of specialist products and services to the oil, gas and mining industries, has responded to the demands of its clients and the market by introducing a range of above ground fuel storage tanks.

Through the ongoing provision of pipe supports, spooling and services to several large Australian oil, gas and mining companies, Proleum is aware of the demand for quality fuel storage tanks in Australia.

As a subsidiary of Minprovise, the organisation endeavours to be a one-stop-shop for all of its client’s needs.

Proleum has spent the last 12 months engineering and perfecting the designs for its fuel tank range to meet the industry standards.

The initial focus of the design process was to achieve a premium fuel tank design at a competitive price point.

This focus, in conjunction with Proleum’s end-to-end business model (providing the design, manufacture, transportation and install of tanks) has allowed for crucial savings to the organisation’s clients and partners.

The tanks come in a full range of sizes:

  • 15 kilolitres
  • 20 kilolitres
  • 25 kilolitres
  • 40 kilolitres
  • 90 kilolitres
  • 110 kilolitres
  • 200 kilolitres.
Proleum 15 kilolitre above ground fuel tank – 3D engineering image

They come with a multitude of additional features to ensure the clients site-based requirements are met.

The features include short or long walking platforms for larger tanks, safety cages, tailored ladder/stair systems and a range of base support options.

It is widely accepted that the cost and operational convenience of storing gasoline, diesel fuel and oil on-site is important to the efficient running of any oil, gas or mining facility.

The savings on effective refuelling processes and convenience of location are just a few reasons to consider this alternative, removing the unpredictability of public fuelling locations and the appropriateness of fuel provided by external parties.

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