Pitram expands in Europe taking on emerging Aegean miners


MICROMINE is making a strong foray into the European mining sector with its Pitram fleet management and mine control solution now operating in Greece.

Already the go-to solution for more than 50 mining operations across six continents, the installation at the Greek mine is Pitram’s third deployment in the Aegean region, following installation at two production projects in Turkey.

“Greece has a wealth of mineral and ore deposits including gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, nickel and bauxite – and a history of mining that dates back to ancient times,” said Pitram product strategy Manager Chris Higgins.

“Turkey also has abundant source of industrial raw materials, rare earth minerals and precious metals including gold, copper, zinc, chrome, nickel, iron, lead, mercury, tin and magnesium.

“As a result, international operators and miners are developing projects across the Aegean and Pitram is providing the data insights needed to ensure the operations are well controlled.”

More than 10 mining operations in Europe are currently using Pitram to record, manage and process mine data in real-time. The scalable solution has now been deployed at the three underground gold, copper and zinc mines in Turkey and Greece. The Greek project is well advanced with Pitram playing a crucial role in a major refurbishment and expansion of existing operations.

Comprising 11 modules – including materials management, OLAP analysis, shift planner and fleet management – Pitram is a sophisticated mine control and management reporting application enabling the miners to capture data, make quicker, evidence-based decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

As production ramped up at the Greek underground mine, operators chose Pitram because they needed a solution that would enable them to:

  • improve Development and Production mining cycles;
  • accurately track materials from source to processing;
  • provide OLAP reporting and analysis;
  • enhance reactions to, and minimise the impact of, unplanned events; and
  • Increase equipment availability and utilisation.

The implementation of Pitram voice and materials management modules ensured these objectives were met by adapting the solution to meet the specific needs of the site.

“At MICROMINE we committed to working with our mining clients to deliver the tailored software solutions they need to meet local requirements,” said Higgins.

“This includes providing our solutions in the languages needed – that’s why Pitram has been translated into Turkish and Greek. So with the functionality to switch between English and the local language, all staff onsite can use the application.”

It is this adaptability, attention to detail and collaborative approach that has shown Pitram is the software solution of choice for mining ventures right across Europe.

To find out how Pitram can enhance your mining operation, contact our team at micromine.com/Pitram.

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