Over 3000 rockbreakers send real-time data to MyFleet platform

Rammer has achieved another milestone as more than 3000 of its rockbreakers globally sent data to the MyFleet platform via the Rammer RD3 monitoring device.

Rammer was the first on the market to add remote monitoring system for hydraulic rockbreakers and reaching this milestone only one year after the launch demonstrates how customers have embraced the new technology that allows them to track and monitor their rockbreaker usage without the need to go to site to collect data.

The RD3 monitoring device is attached to the rockbreaker pinpointing the exact location of the equipment and reporting back to the customer detailed information about the rock breaking operation in real time via cloud based MyFleet platform.

By using advanced electronic sensors, the impacts and stresses on the rockbreaker, operating hours, service intervals and the GPS locations of the product are converted into data that can be used for predictive and preventative maintenance.

Simply by logging into the MyFleet platform, customers can see all the data recorded by the RD3, remotely monitor rockbreaker usage and provide operator education when needed in order to avoid maintenance costs due to premature failure.

This can be especially important when considering one of the most common causes of rockbreaker failure, which happens when an operator continues to hit the trigger button, forcing to keep the piston striking for extended periods of time.

By correcting the operator’s practices through remote monitoring, operational optimisation can reduce the chance of rockbreaker failure and unscheduled downtime.

“Having real-time data on-hand is tried and tested way to cut downtime, proactively maintain equipment to avoid costly repairs and to improve the overall efficiency of operation.  That is why Rammer developed the RD3,” said Sandvik territory manager – India, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia-Pacific David Scurr.

“Operationally, RD3 provides the information that businesses need to get the very best from their rockbreakers.

“With hundreds of rockbreakers already connected to MyFleet our Australian customers can simply log into the MyFleet platform to see all the data on operating hours, how the rockbreaker is being operated and required service intervals helping them manage service periods and minimize machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production.”

RD3 is a standard feature on all Rammer Excellence Line rockbreakers, it is also available as an option for Rammer Performance Line and as retrofit-kit for older Rammer rockbreakers.

For more information contact authorised Rammer dealer. Contact details on rammer.com or attachmentspecialists.com.au/rammer

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