Nivek strengthens Australian manufacturing with mining partners

Nivek Industries aims to create meaningful relationships with fellow local mining businesses.

Nivek Industries has been safeguarding mine workers from the dangers of the job since 2011 when it introduced its Tracking Elevating Device, or TED. Australian Mining speaks with Nivek about how strong client relationships help guide the designs of its innovative products.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, the importance of a strong local manufacturing sector has become even more apparent, supporting jobs and providing equipment to essential industries such as mining.

With the mining industry driving the Australian economy, local manufacturers like Nivek Industries have been key in keeping the nation operating as normally as possible.

Being a small and fully Australian owned and operated business, Nivek’s customers are at the helm of the business, with the company aiming to create meaningful, long-term relationships to benefit both parties.

“For us, being a small local business, having that quality relationship with our clients is one of the biggest things for us,” Cant tells Australian Mining.

“We’re not here to just sell our products, we are also here to sell the full package including after sales support, training and documents for training and full life service of our products”.

By building these tight relationships with clients, Nivek views many of its customers as partners, involving them in the process of improving its existing products and developing exciting new ones.

Nivek has a range of feedback processes, from simple feedback forms, obtaining responses from its clients on social media platforms, and meeting with top clients to discuss their experience using the company’s products.

Cant says by gathering feedback directly from the industry, Nivek is able to tweak its products and techniques to stay ahead of the trends and give its customers exactly what they need, boosting their own business as well as that of their clients.

“We talk to our clients constantly, they come back to us to share their ideas and we can work on solutions together,” Cant explains. “Typically, feedback about the TED machine alone is quite positive, it’s a great machine for safety on site.”

Nivek is currently in the process of working on a new product range, which is being developed based on feedback from its clients. 

“We’re growing our business and have got some exciting new products in development based on feedback from our customers,” Cant says.

“If mine sites have any safety issues, we are more than happy to listen to their concerns and create niche products to counter these issues; being a smaller company we have the capacity and flexibility to do this.”

In addition to Nivek’s post-sales support for clients, its customer support team is always available to take phone and email enquiries, ensuring clients are never kept waiting on quotes or repairs.

With this dedicated team, Nivek aims to respond to all enquires the day they are received, so customers can get their required information or parts as quickly as possible. “The last thing we want is to have our products out of service, it’s not good for our customers and it’s not good for us as a supplier. We build our machines to help people in the workplace and therefore they need to be introduced to site seamlessly and remain operational,” Cant says.

Despite this local mindset of a small business, Nivek’s clients range from other small, local businesses to big Tier 1 mining companies, assisting each of them to build safer and more efficient workplaces.

Cant says that in addition to enhancing safe work practices in mine sites across the nation, this has also helped Nivek Industries expand as a company and as a key supplier to the mining industry.

“For us as a business, we have not only assisted large mining companies in making safer workplaces but have also grown as a company,” he says.

“Without their support and feedback that helps us to develop new products, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now.”

Supporting Australian manufacturing and business is one of Nivek’s key priorities as a company, to provide quality products that guarantee safety to the industry.

With mining equipment operating in tough conditions, Nivek prioritises manufacturing products that are not only tough enough to handle these harsh conditions, but also easily maintained, therefore reducing downtime. 

“As an Australian business, we like supporting other Australian manufacturers and keeping those jobs here in Australia,” Cant says.

“We are proud of our products and are proud to sell 100 per cent Australian owned and made quality products.”

This article also appears in the September issue of Australian Mining.

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