New Miller Big Blue model released with remote control welding technology

Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak with ArcReach.

The latest version of the Miller Big Blue 800X – a multi-arc, three phase engine-driven welding machine – is now available. The new release Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak model features exclusive ArcReach technology.

Welding Industries of Australia’s (WIA) field applications specialist Mathew Hefferan said the Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak with ArcReach model offers many advantages to welding operations, particularly on labour intensive job sites and sites with limited space.

“It’s a dual operator machine, so two operators can work off the same power source with independent arcs that can each reach up to 400 amps. This can make a significant difference on a job site – reduced fleet size, better fuel economy and less machine servicing,” Mathew explained.

“The ArcReach technology further maximises weld time because the operators no longer have to walk to the machine to change the weld settings; they can do it remotely.”

The ArcReach technology uses an existing welding cable to communicate welding control information between a feeder or remote and the power source. It effectively eliminates the need for control cords. By reducing the time spent going back to the welding power supply to set the process and arc amperage or voltage, there is more arc-on time which translates to gains in both productivity and quality.

“This technology saves on time, which means cost savings. It improves the weld quality because operators remain focused on the task, their work isn’t interrupted with having to walk back to the power source each time they want to adjust the weld parameters,” Mathew said.

“It also improves safety. Operators don’t have to walk through cluttered job sites. They also no longer have to reposition heavy control cords because there are no control cords with ArcReach.”

There are a myriad of benefits that come with ArcReach technology on the Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak. Key features include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility – the same ArcReach accessories that work on engine-driven equipment can also be used on other ArcReach-equipped power sources including those of the XMT 350.
  • Fewer cables – no control cords are needed; operators don’t have to troubleshoot welding system problems due to damaged control cords.
  • Auto-process select – the system will automatically change to gas or no gas once ArcReach communication is established.
  • Precise arc amperage / voltage settings – amperage and arc voltage are set and monitored at the weld joint, allowing for accurate adherence to weld procedures.
  • Remote override of Big Blue – once an ArcReach accessory is connected to a Big Blue the accessory has control and the Big Blue controls are disabled.
  • Improved safety – less clutter on the job site with secondary weld leads and less time spent walking to the power supply means less chances of trips, slips or falls.
  • Reduced worker fatigue – more welding, less walking and labouring on tasks such as repositioning heavy control cords.
  • Automatic return to panel settings – the system automatically returns to Big Blue settings when the ArcReach communication ceases.

Beyond the advantages of ArcReach, the Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak offers more power and improved efficiency. It is the most powerful diesel generator in the Australian welding industry with 800 amps of weld power and 27,000 watts of peak generator power.

Moreover, having more arcs equals better fuel economy and increased profits. Businesses can expect an estimated 34 per cent of savings from this dual operator unit compared with a single operator unit.

The Big Blue’s multi-arc welding capability is a primary feature. It has one engine with two independent arcs for dual operation but it is possible to plug in an additional invertor to create a multi operator platform. For example, two additional XMT multi-process machines equals four operators, each with up to 200 amps each. The premium quality arcs allow operators to work independently without arc interaction.

Another special feature of the Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak is the Ingersoll rand compressor. Renowned for its reliability, the Ingersoll rand is a rotary screw compressor with a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. This feature also has an independent on/off control for applications that don’t require compressed air, allowing for more fuel savings.

Other notable features of the Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak include the vandal proof doors, the heavy-duty low speed T41 industrial diesel engine, a HD powder coat of zinc-rich primer and the electronic engine display which simultaneously displays fuel level, engine hours, coolant temperature, oil pressure, battery volts, engine rpm and air pressure.

As Mathew explains, “It is a complete mobile welding air and power workshop with game-changing technologies that save time, money and fuel whilst improving job site safety and weld quality. It is very impressive equipment.”

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