New mapping technology cutting costs on GIS

The 4DMapper platform uses cloud technology to stream 3D geospatial data to browsers, enabling rapid access and cutting costs on GIS systems. 

4DMapper geospatial data streaming enables delivery, measurement and sharing of massive geospatial datasets, allowing universal accessibility without installations or plugins. The latest release of the mapping technology includes mark-up and measurement tools enabling users to digitise, measure and collaborate on their 3D data.

Director Rob Klau describes 4DMapper as the ‘Google Docs of geospatial’, explaining that working with cloud technology enables rapid access to 3D data by streaming it to browsers.

Previously, this type of data was difficult to distribute and view, requiring expensive hardware for storage and processing, expensive software licences and trained personnel. 4DMapper provides direct cost savings over traditional multi-licence installations, enabling large corporates to save millions on their GIS budgets.

Companies can either choose the subscription cloud service on AWS, or have the platform installed on their in-house local server. In addition to achieving significant cost savings, 4DMapper also helps expand the audience that can access geospatial data, allowing them to visualise, measure, collaborate, and contribute to decision-making processes.

4DMapper technology has the capability to automatically ingest high resolution UAV imagery, 3D digital terrain, scanner point clouds, GIS shapefiles, satellite imagery, subsidence monitoring or any data from the survey office or external sources. The no-software solution only needs a browser. There is no data handling; once ingested, massive files are available in 3D immediately to multiple users.

Key advantages of the 4DMapper technology include ability to share projects by sending a URL; measurement tools enabling users to measure points, lines, areas and volumes; 3D digitising on the model allowed to be extracted as DXF; and multiple users allowed to mark-up, digitise and collaborate in real-time, viewing each other's annotations.

According to Rob Klau, the 4DMapper technology  allows all stakeholders in a mining operation to immediately view each other's mark-ups on a high-resolution 3D model in real-time with live annotations visible to all, making the 4DMapper a very powerful tool in decision-making processes.

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