National Group edges closer to fully autonomous drilling

The National Group comprises of leading companies in the mining, resources, transport and logistics industries. Through Wolff Mining, the National Group has expanded its range of semi-autonomous equipment, with plans to implement fully autonomous drills in the near future.

Wolff Mining, part of the National Group is well known for its range of automated and innovative solutions, such as large-scale satellite bulk dozer push and semi-autonomous blast hole drilling.

The company has worked closely with Caterpillar in order to implement and optimise semi-autonomous tractor system (SATS) technology, in a world-first application into a mining production environment.

The collaboration with Caterpillar on Cat Command for Dozing and optimisation of satellite technology for large-scale bulk dozer push operations has given a single operator the ability to control up to four dozers at one time, putting Australian mining companies one step closer to fully autonomous mining operations in the future.

The development and implementation of fully autonomous drills is next on the horizon.

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