Mobile machines withstand extreme conditions

The demands on controllers and sensors used in mining machinery, construction machines, municipal vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, port facilities and cranes is extremely high.

The control units, sensors and machines are permanently exposed to harsh environments such as heat, cold, moisture, mud, dust, shock and vibration and often storms with thunder and lightning. Mobile machines need to be designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Ifm has continued to develop and expand their series of controllers and components especially designed for mobile applications. The most important part of mobile machines is the mobile controller that offers free programmability, configurability of the inputs and outputs and a CAN interface with CAN open and SAE J1939 protocol.

Camera systems for mobile applications to reliably monitor operating and rear areas. Camera images and process values are displayed on the user-friendly display units which also support high quality graphics.

O3M 3D Smart Sensor – Obstacle detection and collision avoidance

The integrated, automatic object recognition detects more than 1,000 individual measurements to precisely detect the target areafor stationary or moving objects in the path of mining machinery. By comparing the current speed, the motion vector and fixed parameters such as the braking distance, the collision probability is calculated by the 3D sensor and transferred to the machine control system via CAN bus or Ethernet and then signalled to the driver or automatically control the mobile machine to apply the braking system.

PMD time-of-flight technology
The PMD time-of-flight technology ensures detection of scenes and objects with just one image capture in three dimensions and without motion blur. The scene is illuminated by modulated, invisible infrared light and the reflected light hits the PMD sensor. Thanks to the patented PMD technology it is possible to have a high repeatability of the measured data even on materials of different reflectivity. The multi-phase measuring system even detects interference caused by dust or water mist formation

Enormous far sightedness

The range of up to 35 m in typical environments and up to 50 m on reflective objects ensures universal use. Each pixel on the PMD chip determines the distances to the scene from the phase shift between the transmitted and the received signal.

Extraneous light suppression

The integrated, active suppression of background illumination almost completely prevents saturation of the image sensor by extraneous light. That means that the PMD 3D sensor can be operated in bright sunlight up to 120 klx.

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