Minprovise now offering corrosion control services

There’s nothing new about wet or dry abrasive blasting when it comes to corrosion control and repair. But it might be worth noting what substances are being used in the process and where they come from.

For example, Minprovise use only GMA garnet (which offers the best performance) in their blasting operation, which is mined in Western Australia at Port Gregory. This focus on quality is at the forefront for Minprovise with its newly opened corrosion control division in Welshpool.

While both techniques are important and service different needs, wet abrasive blasting uses particles ranging from extremely fine to coarse media, making this process extremely versatile on substances from plastic to steel.

Another benefit is that it has the ability to combine hot, soapy water that allows for blasting and degreasing to occur simultaneously. The H2O element reduces dust substantially which makes it a much safer process for removing toxic materials like asbestos, radioactive or poisonous products.

When it comes to the intricacies of creating a uniform surface finish on machined parts often used in mining operations, bead blasting is used by companies like Minprovise who have extensive experience in the harsh, dry, sandy environment of mining sites.

“In over 50 years I have seen many changes in the way corrosion is address,” Minprovise corrosion control manager Merv Perry commented.

“It used to be a blast and a coat of paint and ‘she’ll be right!’, but we now understand the effect corrosion has on infrastructure and with that comes a whole new range of coatings which work in any environment”.

He did go on to say that the whole corrosion control industry has been very slow in developing water-based coatings that are more environmentally friendly, like the automotive industry is doing.

Things are changing in the corrosion control industry. Companies like Minprovise are on the forefront of these progressive developments

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