Minova builds strength with Split Set Mining Systems

Minova's quality laboratory in Nowra, New South Wales. Image: Minova

The latest vertical integration and distributor partnership between Minova and Split Set Mining Systems proves that two is better than one. Australian Mining reports.

Ground support manufacturer Minova is making a comeback to the Western Australian mining market with a partnership and the product offerings of former longstanding distributor, Split Set Mining Systems.

Minova underwent a change in business ownership a few years ago, causing the company to shed some of its market share on both sides of the country, but not its focus on underground operational safety.

The standalone entity was providing high performance ground support products for the coal mining industry and supporting underground hard rock mines across primary commodities.

Split Set Mining, part of the Phoenix group of companies, produces friction bolt products, which are recognised around the world. It also offers cable bolts, resin bolts, mesh and steel arches, with a strong client portfolio that includes Evolution Mining and Newmont Goldcorp.

Amid this scenario, Split Set Mining was also advancing Minova’s chemical and resin products, selling them across Australia’s east and west coasts.

The manufacturer of hard rock ground support products then secured a crossover with Minova in May this year, taking its bolts offering to places they hadn’t yet reached.

Split Set Mining Systems turns from a longstanding distributor to partner.


“Our speciality products for niche applications open the doors to customers and provide an alternate ‘in’ for Split Set Mining,” Minova marketing manager Mandy Lubbe tells Australian Mining.

“Once we’ve opened that door, we benefit from the sale of our specialty products – our Lokset resins, injection chemicals, grouts and ventilation steel fabrications – and they benefit from bringing in their bolts to the customer.”

Split Set Mining, with its bolts and steel products, logistics and manpower, is complemented by Minova, which contributes its technical expertise, innovation and premium products (including resin, injection chemical, steel, fibre glass and ventilation control products) to the joint venture.

The products of both companies are designed to deliver better efficiency for customers.

Minova is no longer manufacturing its steels and bolts from its factory in New South Wales, eliminating costly shipping with its steel import and partnership with Split Set Mining.

The positive response Minova has received from the Western Australian market solidifies the joint projects it has delivered even before the latest partnership with Split Set was formed.

One of Minova’s standout agreements has been with emerging base and precious metals producer Round Oak.

This project agreement builds on Minova’s success in maximising the Bentley mine’s recoveries and improving extraction outcomes in its unmined areas for more than 18 years.

Minova supplied technical advice and specialised equipment alongside 360 tonnes of FB200 grout to Round Oak, enabling the operation to consolidate the rockfill in Bentley’s ore drive within three weeks.

“We’ve always been marketed as a technical leader when it comes to product development and innovation around our resin and chemical products. These are premium in the market and they work,” Lubbe says.

“The key thing is that we strengthen that (Split Set Mining) partnership with our technical expertise. We will bring new products to the market in Western Australia, we will be able to support those products, we will start to lead the market with innovation and sound, technical, high-performing product through this partnership.”

This article also appears in the July edition of Australian Mining.

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