Mining in perspective: How much metal do mines produce

Visual Capitalists and artist Dillion Marsh have created stunning images putting the amount of metal that is actually mined from operations, and globally.

First are the Visual Capitalists images outlining how much metal is mined annually, and putting in perspective by using global landmarks.

Below South African artist Dillion Marsh has superimposed all the metal mined from a single operation into an orb and sat it in its former ground.

The Nababeep South mine, in Nababeep, South Africa, where 302 792 tonnes of copper was mined from 1882 to 2000.

The Blue Mine, at Springbok (South Africa), where 3535 tonnes of copper was mined from 1852 to 1912.

The West O'okiep mine, in Okiep, South Africa, where 284 000 tonnes of copper was mined from 1862 until the early 1970s.

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