Minimising downtime with equipment inspections

With the pressures of a challenging economy and the capital expense of new equipment, many mining companies are extending the life of their installed equipment by leveraging Eriez service capabilities to repair and refurbish existing units rather than buy new.

There is a lot to consider when making this decision, especially as it pertains to the Eriez equipment line, which includes vibratory feeders, metal detectors, suspended electromagnets, magnetic drum separators and high-intensity magnetic separators.

Eriez OEM technicians can provide free inspections of equipment on-site or at its factory. While customers must cover travel and freight costs, the company’s personnel can provide a detailed report outlining the next best course of action, whether it is a simple preventative service, replacing some mechanical components, updating electronics, or carrying out complete tear down and refurbishment of the entire separator back to the OEM specifications – including an ‘as new’ warranty.

In some cases, a total replacement is needed, but that is only after consideration is given to several scenarios to get your equipment back on line and into production. Eriez believes its understanding of the dangers associated with managing the significant potential energy contained within its permanent magnetic separators is unmatched. The company’s personnel are fully qualified and experienced with the safety measures required to properly handle the dangers inherent to the high-powered magnetic elements, making its equipment one of the leaders in terms of strength and performance.

For safety’s sake, the company always recommends working with its factory staff and representatives. Eriez should be contacted prior to any dis-assembly, modification, rectification or handling of magnetic equipment to ensure safe procedures are in place, and to avoid injury to personnel.

Described in the simplest way possible, downtime equals loss of production. As such, an Eriez inspection can help remove downtime from the equation by identifying anything that may ultimately cause a production stoppage.

The company’s on-site and factory based technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to service, repair or refurbish equipment so that it is operating again at peak performance, minimising the instance of failure.

Eriez Magnetics is always conducting research and development to bring technology improvements to the industry. With Eriez-based services, whether at the factory or in the field, its new technology and innovations can often be implemented during the rebuild process. Other times these improvements can only be enjoyed once a new product is purchased.

For instance, one of Eriez’s early innovations is the use of an external oil expansion tank on its line of suspended electromagnets (SEs). This attribute ensures that the magnet stays completely submerged in oil and prevents moisture infiltration and coil burn-outs. In other words, its SE magnets run cooler, are stronger, and last longer than competing varieties. Working with Eriez, this feature can even be added to a competitor’s piece of equipment if in its factory.

Similarly, the magnetic power of new magnetic drum separators may be incorporated into the old model. With vibratory feeders, newer designed products now come equipped with energy-saving components that should be explored before rebuilding or buying new. Even older metal detectors can be improved with updates in software and the addition of smart phone technology.

Optimum operating efficiency and equipment’s useful life depends greatly on the individual piece of equipment, its working conditions, duty and operating environment. Since tramp metal protection and magnetic process equipment represent a significant capital investment, annual inspections of equipment is highly recommended to identify maintenance issues or process improvement opportunities.

Regular equipment checks, in-plant certifications and detailed reports will help minimise equipment problems and achieve maximum productivity. Eriez only uses original OEM parts, remanufactures equipment to original specifications and offers ‘as new’ warranties.It employs trained OEM technicians and has all the machining, fabricating and welding capabilities necessary to service, repair or refurbish all its equipment quickly, accurately, and safely.

Eriez is recognised as a world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications. The company’s magnetic separation, metal detection, x-ray, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have applications in the process, mining, aggregate, plastics, metalworking, packaging, recycling and textile industries. It manufactures and markets these products through 12 international facilities on six continents.

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