MICROMINE looks to the Americas for next phase of growth

Vancouver, Canada.

MICROMINE is targeting growth on an international scale in 2019.

The Perth-based mining software company has, of course, already developed a global presence off the back of its Geobank, Micromine and Pitram solutions.

It has become well-known in several major international mining jurisdictions, especially Russia, and has opened a number of offices in Asia, Europe and Africa.

MICROMINE is hungry for more expansion to build on this presence. It is now looking further afield to the Americas, in particular, where it hopes to replicate the growth experienced in other parts of the world.

Mark Gabbitus, Micromine product strategy manager, says the expansion strategy developed by the company has identified North and South America as the targets with the most growth potential.

“We have a real focus on Canada, Mexico, the United States and also South America,” Gabbitus, who was Geobank product manager up until late 2018, says. “They are areas that we haven’t done a massive amount of business in over the years.”

MICROMINE has already appointed regional managers and sales support in Vancouver in Canada and Denver in the United States to underpin these ambitions.

“That has been a real big change for us and part of our planned investment in those regions. We are starting to see some return on that now,” Gabbitus says.

MICROMINE is confident its software will appeal to these regions as they share a similar level of sophistication with Australia in their mining industries.

The company has been actively promoting its solutions to local mining and exploration companies since making the appointments in North America.

Gabbitus also attended the American Exploration and Mining Association’s (AEMA) Annual Meeting in Washington State late last year to discuss the company’s products and to establish a better understanding of their potential on the continent.

“We are in a position now where we need to, and we are able to expand into these countries,” Gabbitus says.

“We have been consolidated in Russia for quite a long time. Now we have got a real focus on how we drive into these new regions. It’s about taking the products out there to the market because people like to see new stuff.”

MICROMINE aims to stay at the front of mining executives’ minds who are seeking software solutions for their companies by exhibiting at major international events like AEMA.

In addition to Gabbitus’ visit to Washington State, the company’s team has been busy in recent months attending mining’s stacked global exhibition schedule.

MICROMINE reached the global marketplace at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne last year.

The company also displayed its solutions at the Mines and Money conference in London last November, giving it up-close access to the European market.

It has attended these events armed with the latest versions of its products, including data management solution Geobank 2018, 3D modelling and mine design solution Micromine 2018, and fleet management and mine control solution Pitram 4.10.

The company remains committed to continual upgrades to these products in 2019, whether it be a regeneration of them or various add-ons to bolster the existing offering.

Gabbitus is hopeful these products will capture the imagination of the North and South American mining markets in the same way they have in other parts of the world.

“The MICROMINE company strategy is for scale and growth so there has been a real effort to change the way we do business,” Gabbitus says.

“There are probably 1500-2000 exploration and mining companies in North and South America. You don’t have to get a large percentage of those to realise growth.”

This article also appears in the February edition of Australian Mining.

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