Micromine 2020.5: New design tools deliver more speed, less waste

Fast, accurate scenario planning, including new tools for drill and blast configuration, are just some of the exciting enhancements MICROMINE has incorporated into the latest version of its market-leading exploration and 3D mine design mine software.

The company’s newest release – Micromine 2020.5 – is an interim upgrade but it packs more than 100 improvements into its sophisticated toolkit. The enhancements mean more power and big productivity gains for users with new tools to create, optimise and evaluate different scenarios, saving users significant time when it comes to producing complex and precise mine designs and development plans.

The latest software features intuitive tools to speed up design planning and 3D visualisation, with the inclusion of new VizEx design objects, for Ring Design, Blast Hole Design, Pit Design and Underground Design.

There are also dedicated tools for creating patterns within the bounds of dig block that accommodates polygons/blast masters of varying shapes.

Highlights in the sophisticated modular toolkit include:

  • Ring Design – 12 new features and new tools for importing and working with as-drilled drill-hole data. This provides faster and more intuitive control over underground ring drill and blast design, enabling designs to quickly adapt to changes in the field, identifying drilling inefficiencies and improving design protocols. Other features include the ability to bulk delete drill-holes; add stand-off to ring drill-holes; use solid wireframes to generate development centrelines; modify ring design drives using as-blasted data; and improvements to labelling and ring plots.
  • Surface Blast Design – six new features including an intuitive tool that mirrors the terrain of a blast face and speeds up the process of creating blast-hole patterns within the bounds of the dig block. It accommodates polygons/blast masters of varying shapes, reducing the need for manual adjustment. Other features include enhanced reporting and plotting options; improvements to the Charge Calculation tool; and new options to design and assign custom attributes to drill-holes.
  • Grade Control tool – two new features provide dynamic updating of grade control reports to enable faster design preparation and reserve evaluation, while also allowing miners to explore variations in dig block configuration and evaluate the ramifications of design changes.

While the new features enhance the software’s usability and enable more precise designs to be created, the improved technology also helps boost the bottom line.

MM2020.5 delivers the functionality and flexibility needed to optimise a mine’s operations and profitability. Its sophisticated tools help miners minimise operating costs and calculate the ultimate pit to maximise net present value (NPV) for the entire life of mine.

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