Michelin launches new airless skid steer tyres

Michelin has released two new versions of its airless radial tyres for skid steers.

It has released the  new Michelin X Tweel SSL tyres, the 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL All Terrain for a wide range of surfaces and the 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL Hard Surface for pavement use.

The All Terrain model is designed for the mining and construction industry, and other off-road working conditions.

The Tweel tyres range were first released to the market two years ago, and developed as a response to the issue of constant flat tyres on skid steers.

According to Michelin "the development of Michelin’s Tweel technology is significant, since skid steer loaders equipped with traditional pneumatic tires, experience at least two or more flat tires per month". 

Previously in an effort "to reduce flat-tyre downtime, many users resort to using foam-filled, solid tires or other alternatives that result in diminished traction, handling and ride comfort". 

"The 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL provides the advantages of no air pressure maintenance, easy mounting, damage resistance, increased operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue, improved productivity and longer wear life than pneumatic tyres."

The All Terrain tyres are designed with a deep, open tread for off-road applications. 

The spokes are specially designed to enhance the tyres’ durability and endurance, and are  engineered to be self-evacuating in muddy conditions

In addition, the tyres have a deep underlying tread layer that allows the core outside tread to be retreaded numerous times, helping reduce the overall cost of ownership.

The All Terrain series also offers high strength, poly-resin spokes to carry the load, reduce machine bounce and provide excellent operator comfort. 

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