Meeting dewatering demands with Dixon products

As industries, such as mines and quarries, move to larger pumps for more efficient dewatering, hydraulic system specialists at Dixon and CBC want to ensure their customers have access to high performing hoses, couplings and hydraulic fitting assemblies to minimise any risk of unwanted down time.

Mike Casey, Regional Sales and Business Development Manager at Dixon Asia Pacific says the dewatering market in Australia has been progressively moving to bigger pumping systems in recent years.

“Pumps with outset sizes in the three-to-four-inch diameter range have given way to 10- and 12-inch diameter pumps to help operators drain water more efficiently and in less time. Progressing to larger output units means that more water volumes need to be transported at higher pressure and it’s this pressure that ultimately dictates the grade and type of hoses, valves and couplings required,” says Mike.

Retention of the hose tail to the pump is one potential weak link as water pressures increase in the hose. 

While traditionally two-bolt and four-bolt clamps have been used to tighten the hose tail, such clamping techniques can be inadequate in high-pressure flow conditions, which may lead to the hose disconnecting from the pump frequently and causing unwanted delays in operation. 

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