M&E NSW 2014 Preview: Liquid storage solutions

Australian-owned Rhino Water Tanks will showcase their range of liquid storage solutions that are suitable for a range of mining applications on stand 7011.

As a world-leading manufacturer of polyethylene-lined corrugated steel tanks, with holding capacities of 26,000L to 2.3 million litres, Rhino Water Tanks are a one-stop shop for the resource sector due to their tanks' suitability to providing water storage for temporary new mine sites and accommodation, fire services, truck washes and onsite operations during the actual mining process.

Rhino Tanks' Zinacalume or 'Colourbond' tanks are a modular tank solution that provides a cost-effective water storage solution, which complies with relevant Australian Standards and is commonly utilised in desalination plant infrastructure, water treatment projects and RO plants.

Exporting to over 25 countries globally, Rhino has many of Australia's largest mining companies within their customer base.

Made from Bluescope Steel, Rhino's roof trusses and fasteners are dipped galvanised for added strength and corrosion resistance.

Rhino Tanks' have been fabricating their own internal tank liners in their manufacturing factor for over 20 years, drawing on the latest welding techniques and state-of-the-art machinery to produce liners of the highest quality.

The new Infinity Liner, exclusive to Rhino Tanks, is a world-leading liner fabric technology that offers extra layers of strength and durability to storage tanks, as a result of its food grade, UV treated, multi-layered Metallocene film, which is laminated onto pre-existing reinforced polyethylene liner.

Rhino also provides a high-grade commercial liner XR-3 that is suitable for harsh liquids with high chemical components or industrial waste.

Rhino Tanks is also a distributor for world-renowned Permastore manufactured water tanks that are suitable for projects up to 50 million litres.

Permastore has over 50 years' experience in offering water storage products and are commonly utilised for large-scale desalination plants and town water supply projects, along with mine sites that require multi-functional tank configuration options.

The glass-fused-to-steel construct of Permastore tanks is ideal for housing large masses of water, effluent storage, anaerobic digestion, leachate storage and general water treatment, in harsh environments due to its optimum corrosion resistance. 

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