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A 21-strong team at Mobile Energy Australia powers up a range of mining equipment maintenance activities with one sturdy compressor. Australian Mining writes.

Not many generators can tick off as many winning traits as Mobile Energy Australia’s (MEA) compressor system.

In the words of long-time MEA employee and sales manager Luke Jenkins, the service maintenance air compressor (SMAC) 40-D series two is a “unique, compact, strong and reliable” unit.

The SMAC 40-D is an enclosed system using encapsulated rotary screw compressor technology, providing users with air on demand. The series two has been given a black-and-silver makeover, corrosion resistant finish and user-friendly control module.

It only has one simple push ignition button, eliminating multiple keys or switches for improved user-friendliness.

The Kubota powered SMAC 40-D can be a standalone unit, or come as a compressor-generator or compressor-welder-generator package. All three options are designed to mine specifications to cater to a wide range of needs.

The SMAC 40-D delivers 40 cubic feet a minute of airflow at 150 pounds per square inch, while the SMAC 35-DG combo delivers 35 cubic feet a minute of airflow, accompanied by an eight kilo-volt-ampere generator. Otherwise, users have the option of choosing a five kilo-volt-ampere  generator that is complemented by a 220 Ampere welder.

It is no surprise that the SMAC 40-D is the best-selling unit in the house, despite being one of MEA’s early products.

MEA launched the SMAC 40-D on the market in 2010. Nearly a decade later, the integrity and performance of the compressor remains constant, evidenced by the 1200 units MEA has sold in Australia.

Its constant reliability also speaks volumes of the Brisbane-based manufacturer, which has taken off under the leadership of directors Rob and Rose Pulz.

The company remains the only Australian manufacturer of air compressors, either vehicle mounted or stationary rotary screw.

“Our specialty is screw compressors, so we get a lot of requests for this particular unit. It’s an everyday item that people use a lot in their work line,” Jenkins tells Australian Mining.

The company’s personnel has also designed the compressor to come standard with dual cyclone air filters, which are suitable for all on site requirements. The SMAC 40-D can maintain steady running temperature of high demand units using its integrated after cooler system.

Afterall, MEA has developed the high-performance SMAC 40D to be a reliable source of air for a range of tools, such as impact wrenches, welding, nut runners, grinders and jack hammers, with industrial tyre inflation capabilities.

The SMAC series, though small in size, takes pride in being a versatile piece of equipment, which can be planted onto a vehicle with a 50 or 60 gigahertz fuel and battery module.

“Mining consumers really prefer this unit. It’s got longevity, and it just keeps running,” Jenkins says.

The Australian MEA designed and manufactured SMAC 40-D series two is extremely sturdy, and built tough to withstand rough handling that is typical of service maintenance industries.

“It’s just a really neat, small, reliable compact compressor,” Rob Pulz concludes.

This article also appears in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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