Mastermyne: Working hand in hand with locals for 22 years

Mastermyne families visit a CQ Rescue depot. Image: Mastermyne

Mastermyne has been a constant in the Central Queensland region for more than two decades. Despite considerable growth in that time, the company has worked hard to maintain its foundational culture of family, mateship and support for the broader local communities in which it works.

Mastermyne supports communities at a deeper level than the typical corporate sponsorship, giving widely and in many forms to the tune of around $80,000 a year. Leading by example, the company goes out of its way to make it easy for employees to chip in their fair share too, promoting the expectation that giving is a mutual responsibility, not just one of an employer.

Corporate sponsorships and donations

Sponsorship requests are submitted to a formal sponsorship committee by Mastermyne employees or directly by charity or community organisations. The committee meets on a monthly basis to allocate dollars by assessing the alignment between the charity or association and Mastermyne’s values. Since the majority of donations are of a lower value ($1000 or less), the company can contribute a little to many.

Giving insight & know-how

Mastermyne encourage its leaders to donate their time and skills to aid the community, which in the view of the company contributes a greater value than traditional dollar sponsorships.

Mackay-born Mastermyne has developed long-standing relationships with many stakeholders in the Mackay-Whitsunday region. Up to 100 hours each month is volunteered by Mastermyne representatives to stakeholders — not just individuals, but community groups, industry associations, regional businesses, schools and universities too.

Senior leaders from the company are also expected to volunteer their time in various ways, such as working on advisory boards for local businesses or holding committee positions on industry bodies such as the Queensland Resources Council (QRC), Resource Industry Network (RIN) and AusIMM.

Student mentorship is also common. Mastermyne holds formal partnerships with both the Central Queensland University and Wollongong University, where it presents to students, grants annual scholarships, offer thesis opportunities for final year students, and runs round-table sessions for graduands and graduating students.

This leads to a lot of know-how to support the sector, grow the regional economy and cultivate leaders and businesses of the future. Whether it is helping locals create and grow sustainable businesses, or delivering a presentation to school leavers about employers’ expectations, the Mastermyne team are there to provide guidance and wisdom to the wider community.

A baby holds a t-shirt from the Catherine Bay-based 2018 Catho Classic surf contest, sponsored by Mastermyne.

Employees chip in

Mastermyne imparts to employees that it’s not all down to the company. As such it has introduced a number of special arrangements and systems that make it easy for employees to give back to the community.

By promoting the events in our newsletters, facilitating deductions (employee donations) through payroll and offering to match employee contributions dollar for dollar, Mastermyne can give back more, including:

  • regular facilitation of donations on behalf of employees enabling them to give to other employees in need. The most recent example of this was when a long-term employee was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer; Mastermyne allowed employees to “cash in” a defined value of their leave accruals (as allowed in the Act) to donate to the critically ill employee. Our payroll team facilitated this, with employees raising more than $12,000 to help with the family’s expenses in the past three months alone.
  • Since 2008, Mastermyne has facilitated payroll deductions for CQ Rescue Helicopter service. Every new starter in QLD is encouraged to contribute with information included in the new employee commencement packs. As a result, Mastermyne employees contribute more than $20,000 annually to CQ Rescue. The company also has a similar arrangement with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service for our Northern New South Wales workforce.
  • Corporate employees are permitted to give blood during work hours (the company facilitates a bus between the Mastermyne office and the Red Cross).

Buy local – stay local

A number of local companies have built their business off the back of delivering services to the Mastermyne Group. Since its founding years, the company has remained committed to providing opportunities for others to share in the success of the organisation.

Mastermyne constantly gives preference to local suppliers over those from outside the region, even if it means paying more for goods or services. This long-term benefit to regional business has been underpinned by a philosophy based on long-term relationships, common values and mutual benefit.

This has led to over two decades of proud community reinvestment. Whether it be an individual employee, a mate in need, or involvement in associations and industry networks that benefit the industry or region broadly, Mastermyne continues to invest in adding value and bringing opportunity to the local region.

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