Making the grade

Byford Equipment is a reliable industry partner when it comes to the design, manufacture and delivery of food grade stainless steel road tankers. To maintain a demanding 24/7 schedule to supply mine sites with potable water, MJM Developments has taken delivery of a Byford 12,000-litre food grade rigid.

MJM Developments is a civil and construction company that predominantly services the mining sector across the Bowen Basin – one of the largest coal reserves in Australia. Ryan Cooper, MJM Workshop Mechanic, says the business – which currently comprises about 30 employees and more than 80 pieces of machinery – has several projects on the go.

“We just handed over a 500-square-metre extension which we constructed offsite and transported to the site,” he says. “It’s currently undergoing a drag line shutdown where MJM is engaged to renovate the operator’s cab. The company is also embedded at several BMA sites partaking in infrastructure and mine maintenance roles.”

Working conditions on mine sites, according to Ryan, are particularly tough. To ensure mining personnel are hydrated and have access to potable water, MJM invested in a 12,000-litre potable food grade stainless steel tanker, built by Byford Equipment, which is fitted to an Isuzu 6×4. This addition to the fleet runs on a strict 24/7 delivery schedule, delivering clean, quality water to keep the digger and site tanks full.

“While the Isuzus are up to the task, we wanted to match them with quality road tankers that will go the distance to support a long-term contract,” Ryan says. “We require 100 per cent availability to ensure quality is second to none. Byford worked in well with our requirements and came to the party with some off-the-table ideas to make this unit as reliable as possible. I worked with Chris to remove the hydraulic driven pump which is normally installed on their tankers and went with a direct drive system that will be much more reliable and user friendly.”

Ryan says the rigid tanker combination is also used to deliver potable drinking water to remote mobile crib huts and working drag lines across the mine site.

“This is a 365-day role and we need 100 per cent availability on water delivery,” he says. “The truck has well over 400 hours on the job since it was commissioned.”

Due to the time sensitive nature of the freight task, a timely delivery of the new unit was an important purchase consideration for MJM.

“Byford had the best delivery time over their competitors despite Covid,” Ryan says. “We also found Byford’s workmanship to be second to none. We have not seen work like this in North Queensland. Byford’s attention to detail and no compromise approach was really good and Chris was very pliable with our needs and accommodated to any changes I made.”

Byford can design potable water tankers and trailers for any freight task from 12,000-litre rigids or dog trailers with 30,000 litres for multi-use truck and dog to 60,000-litre A-double Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combinations. With a dedicated PBS compliance team, Byford works closely with industry partners to ensure larger combinations are able to operate as soon as they are delivered. 

Fast Fact

With more than 45 years of experience manufacturing food grade tankers in Australia, Byford stands by its quality builds. Its tankers are used Australia-wide, offering additional flexibility to move large volumes to supply on site tanks, or splitting trailers up for multiple deliveries. Whatever the requirement, Byford is at the ready to assist.

This article appeared in the June edition of Trailer Magazine.

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