Maintenance service kits: The key to cost-effective solutions

After supplying parts to the mining industry for more than a decade, AMCAP Industrial has introduced a kitting solution that reduces asset downtime and simplifies the maintenance process for the end user.

AMCAP Industrial provides a unique and comprehensive kitting service that combines multiple products and brands for any mobile or fixed plant machinery asset, delivering a cost-effective solution for the mining sector.

The company undertakes maintenance service kits for a variety of assets, including generators, haul trucks, excavators, light vehicles, trucks and trailers.

AMCAP Industrial’s service kits are a flexible solution that provides customers with a superior level of reliability by having the replacement parts and components available when required – saving time and money, maximising asset availability and increasing productivity.

General manager Kevin Yap says AMCAP’s overall model is to identify and deliver products and services that minimise downtime of mining assets by working closer with the maintenance strategy teams.

During the peak of COVID-19 restrictions in Western Australia, Yap says demand from mining companies increased significantly, meaning AMCAP Industrial had to ensure the company had a robust supply chain of products available.

“Mining companies weren’t stopping their operations and were looking to their supply partners to ensure we increased our safety stock levels. They made sure that there was a secure supply of products because they wanted to minimise any downtime, due to critical spare parts being unavailable,” Yap says.

“What we helped manage with our Tier 1 customers was increasing the safety stock levels for their operations, so we ended up pushing out a lot more product over the COVID-19 period.”

Despite facing some challenges during the pandemic, the company met the increased demand, which was made possible through its 23,000-square-metre warehouse and flexible supply chain.

AMCAP Industrial services its kits out of a modern, purpose-built storage and distribution facility in Welshpool, Western Australia. The company has the capacity to expand the facility to cater for a larger range of products.

“From our perspective we have a secure team in terms of experience and knowledge. Our key strengths are around our capabilities to manage a supply chain for a customer,” Yap says.

AMCAP Industrial’s business development manager for off highway, Nick Petsas, says the Midlife Kits are a ‘jewel in the crown’ of the company’s parts distribution model.

The Midlife Kits offer a number of benefits, including a unique material number instead of potentially 50-100 material numbers being ordered individually.

They also provide logistical cost savings through handling and transport of a single line item, as well as the accuracy of having all parts consolidated within the kit. The kits are packaged appropriately in bespoke cabinets and containers, ensuring they are securely delivered on site.

Petsas says the Midlife Kits can hold between 300 and 500 line item parts, with a total volume of up to 1400 line items as a total package.

Each kit is individually itemised per operation, and all parts within the kit are broken down to support individual operations.

“This allows the technicians to go the particular draw system and get the respective parts required to fit that major component,” Petsas says.

AMCAP Industrial also manages core asset components, which are not one-use items, with the Midlife Kits.

As part of this process, the company supplies a new unit to be fitted to the asset, with the old component being returned in the cabinet to be overhauled by AMCAP Industrial’s authorised vendors.

“The items, we call Cores, are actually an asset and have a significant lifecycle. Mine sites recognise the value associated with these Cores, however managing the process of overhauling these components internally, it is time consuming and labour intensive. Consequently, a good percentage of these items are either misplaced or disposed, at significant cost,” Petsas says.

“We have simplified that process and manage it for the customer, all that’s required is for the used Core to be placed with the cabinet and returned. Once the cabinet is received by AMCAP Industrial, the Cores are identified and reviewed with all the respective credits submitted.”

The kits are also available as excavator midlife cabinets, which can be lifted onto the platform of the machines for ease and safe access.

Petsas says the containers are designed around getting the components and parts as close to the work area as possible, which delivers time and motion efficiencies.

“In addition, these cabinets are designed to be compact and positioned on the platform, allowing technicians ease of access to all parts and components, furthermore reducing personal risk of injury not having to travel up and down stairs carrying heavy loads,” he says.

AMCAP has evolved since first supplying solutions to the mining industry more than 15 years ago, ensuring its kits aren’t just about putting parts in a box.

Business development manager Barry Neale says the kits are individually designed for each application and managed through AMCAP Industrial’s cloud-based asset manager tool.

“This portal offers customer stakeholders the ability to self-manage the service kit, with appropriate control mechanisms,” Neale concludes.

This feature also appears in the December edition of Australian Mining.

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