Maintaining the momentum with OTR tyres and wheels

Getting the fleet up and running is one thing. Keeping it that way while avoiding pitfalls, overcoming challenges and being cognisant of risks and problem prevention? That requires proven strategies, advanced technology and the support of trusted, dedicated Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia professionals.

Application of the equipment

Selection criteria for tyres and wheel specifications are evaluated and calculated to meet safety standards, maximise tyre life and provide cost efficiency for each specific application. It’s horses for courses, which is why major brand Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres and wheels have been designed and developed to address the needs of every application. They factor in traction, tread volume and rubber compound best able to manage with tyre load, loaded speed and Tonne Kilometre per Hour (TKPH) along with wheel durability and operating safety

Tyre and wheel maintenance

It is critical to establish a tyre inflation maintenance program to monitor, record and adjust pressure before problems are experienced. Every tyre in operation should be subjected to regular inspections.

Formal in-service inspections are handled by accredited tyre and wheel personnel while the pre-start check is conducted prior to every shift by equipment operators. Together these inspections will indicate early warning signs that identify damage or deterioration and tyres and wheels that are high-risk , suffering wear or structural deterioration. This way, tyre and wheel life can be optimised through rotation (e.g. front to rear) while damaged tyres should be assessed for repair based on safety and the potential commercial benefit.

For optimal wheel maintenance, regular Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a statutory requirement. This minimises risk and helps avoid deterioration pitfalls such as corrosion, which leads to cracking and ultimately failure in the field.

Tyre and wheel repairs

The Australian Standards for the Safe Repair of OTR tyres and wheels are AS4457-1 and AS4457-2. These standards provide compliance levels for manufacturers and repairers while offering the end user the ability to understand what can be expected of tyres and wheel repairs prior to safe re-entry into service.

Taking it to the limit

Once, a tyre inflation check was a time consuming exercise carried out tyre by tyre. It involved lengthy, out of commission delays, downtime and loss of productivity. Today however, there are advanced, reliable and accurate tyre management tools that provide regular, real time pressure and temperature readings for the operator as well as remote maintenance staff. Applied across a fleet, these Temperature and Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) enable increased productivity and improved safety without risking terminal tyre and wheel damage.

Performance Evaluation

Tyres are recognised as a major operational cost for every fleet. However today’s range of sophisticated software enables collection, analysis and status reports that are designed to maximise productivity while defining cost-saving opportunities. These tools are accurate, reliable and allow the end user 360 degree monitoring of the complete tyre and wheel life cycle — with the opportunity to identify areas of improvement.


Education is key. Major tyre and wheel suppliers have long recognised this and offer awareness programs that cover the life and performance of OTR tyres and wheels. Selection, application, maintenance and evaluation with a high level of scrutiny are imperative to minimise the high-risk potential of wheel and tyre products.

Make sure your OTR tyres and wheels are sourced and supported by an established and credible provider. Look for those who offer advanced technology and software, proven in-field strategies, extensive expertise, training programs and equipment. Bottom line is they can assure effective tyre management to maximise tyre life and minimise down time without compromising safety.

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