LTC solar lighting wins in remote locations

In remote mining locations around Australia there are many logistical difficulties. One of them is lighting up operational areas where there is no mains power available or it is expensive and difficult to provide.

Product development at LTC Lighting over recent years has provided a range of lights that use solar energy to provide reliable lighting to the mining industry in areas such as roadways, vehicle parks and in other operational areas.

Solar lighting is designed to run either continuously during darkness or to come on automatically once its infra-red sensor picks up movement.  Products are available in a range of sizes and power options ranging from 100-watt fixed mount operational lights through to 5-watt hand-held solar lights for emergency or personal use.

No need for connection to power supplies also means no power bills ever. Remote mining operations need light when and where its required and that means anytime in any conditions. Simply place LTC solar lights where needed and get up to 12 hours of robust, reliable, efficient lighting every night.

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