LTC solar lighting range

LTC Lighting has a comprehensive range of reliable, robust solar lighting products particularly suited for outdoor industrial and commercial applications.

LTC has a range of solar lighting products that will work reliably in nearly any application you have, and of course there is NO POWER BILL!

LTC Lighting’s product range consists of:

The Luce Solar 15W environmentally friendly outdoor solar lighting option, which is ideal for residential and commercial applications including pathway lighting, roof maintenance. Waterproof and robust, this light will work for up to 12 hours utilising a sensor system that is movement activated.

The Luce Solar 30W and 60W are functional and efficient outdoor lighting solutions. They are typically used for street & pathway lighting, car/vehicle parks.

They are also perfect for supplying for boat rams, farm and ranch as well as any remote site for which you may need reliable lighting.

Wanderer portable solar flood lights (with sensors) are the ideal solution to when portable lighting may be needed.

With power ratings of 5W and 10W they are the perfect fit as a work light for tight spaces, camping and emergency uses. Easily carried in your vehicle, backpack they can be stored anywhere for anytime use.

All our range of solar lights are fully guaranteed for two years by LTC Lighting.

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