Lokset long-term integrity: A history of reliability

Resin capsule quality testing in Nowra, New South Wales.

The oldest reference Minova has for Lokset resin anchors were the strengthening of the London Heathrow Airport road access tunnel in 1963 to allow heavy jets to land.

Today polyester resin anchors are used almost exclusively in the underground coal mining industries around the world, when rockbolts are used as primary support.

In the underground metalliferous mining industry, polyester resin anchored rockbolts are rapidly gaining acceptance.

Minova manufactures Lokset polyester resin capsules locally and is the leading supplier and innovator in this field.

The company leads the way with its 12-month shelf life “Lokset Advance”, offering improved efficiency, reduced storage, waste and disposal.

Australian development and manufacture ensure security of supply, service and support.

Advantages of polyester resin anchors:

  • Superior corrosion resistance when the rockbolts are fully encapsulated
  • Rapid curing time allows the rock bolt to take design loading immediately after installation
  • Rockbolts can be both fully encapsulated and pre-tensioned by using a combination of fast and slow setting anchor capsules
  • When using polyester resin anchors the ability to pre-tension and fully encapsulate a rockbolt, and to be able to load up a rockbolt immediately after installation, leads to a great improvement in mining/drivage cycle times. There is no need to wait considerable lengths of time for the anchor to cure (as is the case with cement anchors) before blasting can be carried out adjacent to the last line of installed rockbolts
  • Lokset resin anchors are manufactured with set mastic/catalyst ratios, et cetera. There is no risk of inconsistency of the installed anchor which can occur when cement grouts are batched on site
  • Unaffected by vibration and close proximity blasting
  • Rapid insertion, quick and easy to use
  • High compressive strength and modulus  


The superior quality of the Lokset resin capsule is assured through a four-part quality control program:

  1. Raw material testing
  2. In-process quality control testing
  3. Finished product acceptance testing
  4. Quality system management to ISO 9001

Testing levels and specifications for each of the above programs have been established statistically, based on actual historical data to ensure the customer receives a uniform quality product, which will perform dependably under field conditions. 


The Lokset resin capsule series is available in multiple configurations of single/double length combinations, diameter, set time, set time combinations, viscosity and shelf life.

Learn more at https://www.minovaglobal.com/apac/products/lokset-resin-capsules

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