Locally made conveyor products

Fenner Dunlop’s Brisbane manufacturing facility offers locally made conveyor products.

Fenner Dunlop’s Brisbane branch is a central source for Australian- made conveyor products, idlers and pulley supply that supports customers across the country. 

An upgrade of Fenner Dunlop’s Brisbane manufacturing facility two years ago came at an ideal time to support mining and other industries it supplies. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many overseas supply lines have been disrupted in terms of supply chain security. 

Fenner Dunlop has been able to fill this gap and satisfy supply requirements through local manufacture. 

The Brisbane facility is an example of Fenner Dunlop’s commitment to providing Australian-made components. 

The facility is equipped with local idler and pulley manufacturing, as well as providing customer support through engineering and service. 

The local manufacturing capabilities provide reduced lead times and quick turnaround for shutdown and breakdown scenarios. 

Despite the increased overseas competition, Fenner Dunlop remains established as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of conveyor belts in the mining and materials handling markets.

Fenner Dunlop is capable of design and supply of complete conveyor systems across the country, providing a single point of accountability for clients’ complete conveyor projects. 

With a local range of products at the branch in Queensland’s capital, this has not only ensured shorter delivery times, but has invested in local manufacturing, creating jobs. 

“The Brisbane branch has grown through a range of local manufacture and new products, as well as additional engineering resources,” Fenner Dunlop Queensland regional manager Brendon Harms tells Australian Mining. 

Idlers are a vital component for conveyor belts that handle products including mined ore. Their quality is critical in supporting belts in harsh environments, including those common at mine sites and processing plants in Australia.

The local manufacturing of idlers and pulleys enables lead times and quick turnaround.

Fenner Dunlop has supplied idlers in Brisbane for over 15 years and is also highly regarded for its rollers used in both surface and underground mine sites.

Since upgrading the facility, Fenner Dunlop has now introduced Brisbane-manufactured pulleys, which offer bespoke solutions for specific materials handling applications.

According to Harms, there are significant advantages for manufacturing these components locally.

“Pulleys are a critical component of the complete conveyor system and hence the reason why we’ve put this plant in place,” he explains.

“We are able to control the quality in house and the pulleys that are made here in Brisbane are highly engineered.This includes the highest level of quality assurance in terms of materials, welding and fabrication processes.”

Harms says a major benefit of local manufacturing is the added speed of moving products to market as it cuts down on shipping times. 

“The Brisbane plant is designed for short, flexible runs during manufacture, rather than a long production line style of operation,” he says.

Having a proven track record in conveyor components, Fenner Dunlop has earned strong customer feedback for its products and services. 

“With commodity prices going up and down it allows our customers to be flexible on ordering projects on a shorter lead time and also reduces our customer requirements for stockholding,” Harms says.

Fenner Dunlop also offers 24/7 support services, project management and sales out of its Brisbane branch. 

“It helps us reach our local customers. The Brisbane base allows access to several of our customers’ head offices in Brisbane, with branches in Mackay, Emerald and Townsville to support our regional clients as well,” Harms adds. 

Fenner Dunlop operates nationwide with manufacturing and distribution centres located across Australia.

For Harms, local manufacturing provides benefits for the rest of the industry. 

He says it’s beneficial for the company’s employees as it creates additional opportunity and jobs.

“It also flows onto our suppliers because the more pulleys we make here, obviously the more bearings and local steelworks we buy, so there are flow-on effects for the market in general which is good for all Australians,” Harms says.  

This article also appears in the April issue of Australian Mining.

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