Laser sharp measurements for haul trucks

LaseTVM ensures bulk material measurements are more accurate.

LASE’s LaseTVM high precision volumetric bulk material measurement systems promise an accurate and cost-effective solution for mining payload measurements.

Accurate measurements of bulk materials in a mining operation are vital in ensuring the correct amount of product is being hauled.

Incorrect readings can lead to inflated costs, which can have repercussions across the entire operation or supply chain.

Industrial laser specialist, LASE, has developed a laser-based truck volume measurement system that ensures the numbers are consistently accurate and non-manipulable.

The LaseTVM system offers a reliable, automated process of measuring bulk materials. 

Headquartered in Germany, LASE has 30 years’ experience in laser technology and applies its expertise to heavy industries, including mining.

LaseTVM is mounted on a gantry and is offered in both ‘motion’ (LaseTVM-M) and ‘static’ (LaseTVM-S) variants.  

LaseTVM-M uses a pair of 2D laser scanners to measure a haul truck’s volume while in motion, as the scanners are capable of producing a 3D profile of the loading area when combined. It allows the haul truck to drive through without stopping to enable smoother operations.

“The system measures the bulk material as the truck drives through that gate so it doesn’t have to stop, which is especially important in mining applications,” Lase sales director Lars Mohr tells Australian Mining.

The LaseTVM-S model has as single 3D laser scanner that can generate a profile of the truck’s volume when it is parked underneath the gantry. 

Both systems capture an empty and filled profile to accurately calculate the volume of material in the tray.

It allows for consistent and reliable measurements, with the laser technology enabling accurate readings every time, Mohr explains. 

“Companies want to be independent; they want to have processes that can be scheduled, which are the same each day and are not affected by human-error,” Mohr says.

A key benefit of the LaseTVM is that it prevents any carry back from the truck beds, which means no material is accidentally left over.

“Benefits of the systems are especially for mining, you can measure empty truck bed measurement, which is to prevent carry back,” Mohr says.

It can also indirectly support customer and supplier relationships by ensuring fair invoicing takes place through accurate volume measurements.

According to Mohr, the weight of a truck bed can increase if certain materials absorb moisture from humidity or rain, which can also lead to inaccurate readings. However, the LaseTVM system is able to bypass this issue through laser measurement. 

“When you measure material with a scale, you can always have problems with humidity because if humidity builds up the material gets heavier so even though you haul five tonnes of material, but the actual material is four tonnes and the rest is water from humidity,” Mohr says.

LaseTVM is mounted on a gantry and provides high precision volumetric bulk material measurements.


LASE has also designed the system with automation and remote operations in mind.

The full automation capabilities of LaseTVM can be unlocked by installing additional modules, which reduces the number of personnel required on site and drives down any risks associated with workers near hazardous equipment, such as large haul trucks.

“One of the big benefits is that the system is automated,” Mohr says. “So you can have an automated gate where the truck driver only needs to swipe a card to access the gate.”

Automation of LaseTVM also enables contactless operations, which are particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohr says.

While the company is based in Germany, its LASE Australia subsidiary includes a team of local engineers and technicians to install the system and provide ongoing support. 

LASE continues to push the capabilities of laser measurement technologies with a number of future developments in the pipeline.

Mohr says LASE’s products, including LaseTVM, can be offered to customers at competitive prices due to its access to OEM laser scanner technology.

“We are giving this price aspect to the customer, which means we have a very good product which is versatile and can be integrated very easily,” he concludes.  

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