Komatsu feeder gives versatile crushing experience

Komatsu’s JOY Stamler reclaim feeders are a cost-effective way to feed and blend materials during the crushing and screening process.

Komatsu has developed a range of versatile and flexible feeders that give operators material options in any mine.

The SFB-43 model surface feeder breaker, for example, is ideal for hard rock applications with its powerful rotary pick breaker, delivering a throughput rate of 5000 tonnes per hour.

As the SFB-43 fractures material rather than crushing, it provides consistent sized and easy-to-handle lumps, and generates fewer fines, maximising the value of the product.

The Stamler RF-5 reclaim feeders on the other hand, are both ideal for coal and industrial mineral applications (offering throughput capacities up to 3650 tonnes per hour), providing options for mines of all sizes and production levels.

The RF-5’s unique design provides optimal flexibility and productivity for materials handling with its ability to blend and its broad range of system capacity options.

For example, if your mine needs to blend materials, the RF-5 feeder can be combined with conveyors to feed a variety of materials into a single conveyor system.

If it has additional capacity, it is possible to add feeders to maximise throughput and truly customise the machinery to the mine.

According to Komatsu crushing sales manager Matthew Valmadre, this flexibility allows users to handle their tonnage rates as required.

“You can reclaim and blend onto a central conveyor belt by utilising several reclaim feeders, feeding from different stockpiles at varying rates,” Valmadre says.

If a custom solution isn’t what mining operators are looking for, the delivery time for a standard Stamler RF-5 is 30 to 40 per cent quicker, efficiently providing users with a piece of equipment that is ready for production.

To make the installation process as smooth as possible, Komatsu Mining offers low installation costs and a quick turnaround time, allowing operators to get equipment into production as soon as possible.

“The mobility and flexibility inherent in the design reduces or eliminates costly civil work and site preparation,” Valmadre adds.

“The RF-5 only requires solid, level ground conditions for installation. In-ground hoppers, grids, tunnels and underground belt conveyance systems are no longer required.”

Equipped with a skid-mounted unit, the RF-5 provides users with extensive mobility and options to change the electro-mechanical drives to match the requirement of the environment it is being used in.

The hopperless design makes the RF-5 easy to load and material can be moved directly onto the drag-chain conveyor.

The integrated surge hopper can be loaded from dozers, clam shell buckets, dump trucks, excavators, front-end loaders and stacking conveyors, further demonstrating the RF-5’s versatility.

“The hopperless design allows material to be moved directly onto the integrated drag-chain conveyor,” Valmadre explains.

“The material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures.”

The material then forms its own surge hopper, eliminating the need for fabricated upper hoppers and structures, which can prove expensive.

Komatsu equipment has proven its reliability, with an average machine life of more than 20 years.

“Our simple design with steel components provides our customers with an OE machine that is reliable and durable for maximum production,” the spokesperson continues.

“The Komatsu Stamler product line RF-5s are designed to accept pre-engineered, bolt-on/plug-in options and upgrades to maximise machine performance, while minimally impacting lead time impact.”

In the event of damage, Komatsu stocks parts that can be easily dispatched to minimise machinery downtime, meaning mining companies lose less of their valuable production with quick turnaround times in the event of damage.

“Komatsu reclaim feeders deliver a low total cost of ownership with a low installation cost and can be easily relocated to be used where most needed. Our machinery is designed to fit multiple application needs including coal, wet, sticky materials and industrial minerals,” Valmadre concludes.

This article also appears in the February edition of Australian Mining.

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