Keep on trucking

Caterpillar have launched the latest generation of their articulated trucks.

It has released the new B Series trucks, which include the 735B, providing a 32.7 tonne payload, the 740B with its 39.5 tonne payload and the 740B EJ with an ejector seat and a slightly smaller 38 tonne payload.

Caterpillar is also offering all three models with a diesel engine rating of either Tier2/Stage 2 equivalent or Tier 4/Stage IIIB certified emissions configurations for more environmentally friendly driving on site.

It uses electronic fuel and air supply components which have improved power.

According to Cat, the new engines produce 90% less diesel particulate matter (DPM) and reduce nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions by close to half.

Engine emission controls also include Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to trap soot.

The articulated trucks now have a gross power of 337kW for the 735B and 365KW for both the 740B and 740B ejector.

Cat has also improved its six wheel drive system, which now features a fully proportional torque-distribution automatic traction control (ATC) system which eliminates the need for intervention to maintain maximum traction in difficult conditions.

Previously, drivers had to manually engage floor- and dash-mounted switches to bring the cross- and inter-axle differential locks into play.

With this ACT system, the truck now automatically and constantly varies the required proportion of lock up on both the cross-axle and inter-axle diff locks as conditions underfoot change.

This aids in reducing cycle times and improves productivity while also reducing the potential for system abuse whilst minimising wear and prolonging vehicle life.

The articulated truck also has an upgraded automatic transmission for smooth gear changes and high torque through the gear changes.

Part Throttle Shifting at lower speeds also increases fuel efficiency.

For these B Series trucks, Caterpillar has focused on improving the driver’s environment.

The articulated trucks are now designed and built around the operator and come with an integrated heavy duty bumper and fully enclosed belly guards.

A redesigned instrument cluster and customisable Colour Multi-Purpose Display (CMPD) gives the driver all the information needed such as regeneration status, fuel levels, autolube status, load count and major component status.

It also incorporates a live feed from the rear view camera, which automatically engages as soon as the vehicle reverses.

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