Kal Tire is keeping the wheels in motion

Using its decades of experience around the world, Kal Tire is able to help smaller mining operations achieve big production results.

Using its decades of experience around the world, Kal Tire is able to help smaller mining operations achieve big production results.

With close to 70 years of experience in tyre service and supply, there is no doubt as to why mining operations turn to Kal Tire. Its branches span around the country from Western Australia to Queensland and New South Wales, as well as a Perth repair centre.

Throughout its history, Kal Tire has and continues to invest in innovative solutions for every stage of tyre life and for every mining operation, no matter the size.

“One of the advantages that Kal Tire has is its broad international footprint across five continents and serving over 150 mining operations,” Kal Tire Australia managing director Miles Rigney told Australian Mining.

“We’re well positioned to identify what could be best practice in one location. We have inter-connectability that works within all regions.”

Kal Tire’s Australian team members now support more than 20 open-pit and underground mines and offer a range of services to benefit them. The services can include tyre management and maintenance, repairs, nationally recognised training and assessment, and the supply of rims, consumables and accessories.

It is also an independent tyre dealer able to offer the right tyre for the application required.

“Gone are the days where the cost of tyres is the key decision-making of the purchase that’s required,” Rigney said.

“Most mining organisations understand the role that the tyre plays on equipment productivity.”

Miners are increasingly focused on their production aspirations, and Kal Tire’s experience means it is in a prime position to provide support and guidance to these companies.

“We have discussions with our customers around what their productivity goals are, and how we can help them select a tyre that is best positioned to help them achieve these goals,” Rigney said.

“It’s thinking about the way tyres are used in the mining fleets and how they are maintained and managed. We need to ensure they have the technical characteristics required to enable the production targets to be realised.”

Kal Tire’s Tire Operation Management System (TOMS) is one way the company helps to aid its customers’ productivity. The system allows users to plan and predict tyre maintenance, improving the tyre’s life and site safety.

TOMS connects Kal Tire’s customers to its entire fleet planning team, meaning that tyre servicing can be performed while trucks are already down for maintenance, further reducing downtime.

Kal Tire has a strong focus on sustainability solutions and helping customers achieve ESG goals.

One such way it is doing that is through its Maple Program, which allows Kal Tire to calculate the carbon and oil saved in raw material when performing an ultra repair on a large injury of a tyre so it can go back into production, versus purchasing a new tyre.

“Customers are issued an annual certificate verifying how much carbon and oil they have saved annually that they can use in their environmental reporting. The carbon calculator we have developed as part of this program, has been verified by SCS Global Services, a leader in third-party certification,” Rigney said.

But the Maple Program isn’t the only sustainability solution the company has in the works.

Thermal conversion mining tyre recycling is an initiative that Kal Tire has taken on with gusto. With a recycling facility now operating in Chile, Rigney expressed his pride in the company’s future plans to expand this into the Australian sector.

When tyres reach the end of their life, they are recycled using thermal conversion to stop them ending up in landfill or a stockpile of old, unusable tyres, where they would stay for over 80 years before decomposing.

The company is able to process 20 tonnes of tyres at any one time through thermal conversion recycling.

“We are working with different organisations in Australia to try and progress this area,” Rigney said. “We’re seeing interest growing, technology evolving and the desire of companies to continue down this pathway.

“For me, it’s certainly a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.”

These sustainability efforts are appreciated by greenfield mining operations in particular.

“That’s where we’re able to have the most impact by getting in early in the development,” Rigney said. “It enables us to focus on things such a safe workshop design, haul road design, traffic management and tyre and wheel management strategies.

“In many greenfields cases, customers start talking to us before they’ve even made their final truck selection.”

Kal Tire has a dedicated team and solutions in mind for every mining operation with which it partners with.

“Our experience has been that when we get in there early, we can make sure that there’s appropriate representation on the importance of tyres to achieve safety and productivity goals,” Rigney said.

This feature appeared in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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