KableX delivers an alternative to mining’s cable sector

KableX can recover three cables at a time.

What began as a sketch on paper, was later founded and registered by AusProof directors in 2014.

Four years on, KableX launched in April 2018 and has developed modern and futuristic concepts leading to patented technology, encompassing designs to provide the industry with improved cable servicing and repair efficiency.

KableX’s research and development department, worked tirelessly to deliver a fresh look to a previously steady cable repair and supply industry.

With KableX looking to progress the industry into the 21st century, the innovative equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, ultimately making technology the customer’s gain.

KableX executive technical officer Bruce Smith says the new business’ technology and customer gains will deliver another option to this sector in the mining industry.

“KableX was created with the intention to allow customers another choice in the market. We can compete with pricing, the process, the quality and also be an alternative supplier to the mining industry as a whole,” Smith explains.

He says KableX’s goal is to be an intelligent cable service and repair company that allows the technicians to work closely with the end user to provide tailored solutions and an alternative.

KableX’s new designs and efficient concepts have been developed specifically for the industry. The company’s personnel will focus on adapting these solutions to the unique requirements of each mining company, with the overbearing approach that no two mine sites are the same.

Smith believes this is a different method to the historical processes in the industry over several decades, and one that will be welcomed as KableX’s technology and approach are recognised over time.

“I have close to 40 years’ experience in the mining cable industry. What we have done is look at the current and past processes, and designed new patented processes, some of our new equipment hasn’t been seen in Australia, and overseas for that matter” he says.

“We’ve planned for our individual sites to be using a lean manufacturing process. We are minimising both wastage and labour to try and reduce costs by increasing efficiency.”

Smith says the workshops have been designed to deliver high-quality solutions, while also managing the occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks that exist in the sector.

“We don’t want to be the type of manufacturing plant where cables lay on the workshop floor and our employees have to pick them up to work on them,” Smith says.

“All of our equipment is elevated to an ergonomic height and we have designed the workshops to minimise the risks by making everything clean and open. This helps us mitigate the risk of back injuries and other physical practices that have been customary in the industry.

The fledgling business offers more than 50 years of combined employee experience in the repair sector, with its personnel also involved in the development of cable and plug industry standards.

KableX has the capacity to recover up to three cables at a time, with internally powered trailers designed to collect cables from multiple sites, where they can be left with an operator to pick up the cable while the prime move can travel to the next mine.

The foundation sites for KableX’s workshops are located at Singleton in New South Wales and Dysart in Queensland.

KableX meets the AS/NZS 1747 requirement and only uses equipment and materials that are compliant to AS/NZS 1802, 2802, 1972, 1299 and 1300.

This article also appears in the June edition of Australian Mining. 

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