ITM keeps mining operations rolling

ITM has provided industry solutions for more than six decades.

ITM is one of the world’s leading suppliers for undercarriage solutions. The international engineering group provides the mining industry with innovative designs and solutions to keep undercarriages up and running.

 No matter how small or large a mining operation may be, they are all affected by equipment reliability. And no matter how advanced a vehicle may be, it will eventually require maintenance.

Mining is one of the most arduous environments for earthmoving vehicles to work in, and ITM aims to ensure operations keep rolling on by providing high quality mining equipment solutions.

With a global team of 1500-plus professionals, ITM’s solutions are located across the world; from Australia, Europe, the Americas through to Africa. ITM also backs its customers with more than 22 million in stock held in Australia, and that’s a lot of undercarriage.

The company’s undercarriage components are lab proven and field tested to ensure they can handle the toughest situations.

ITM global product manager Ben Slaughter believes the brand’s evolution into providing aftermarket equipment solutions has given it a firm footing in the industry.

“For mining in particular, we’ve been providing industry solutions for over 60 years,” he tells Australian Mining. “We provide undercarriage solutions from small dozers up to the largest bucket wheel – we do the whole show.”

“The brand has come a long way in the last 60 years. It’s now recognised as a player in the aftermarket game. And I think moving forward that’s only going to get more aggressive as we start focusing more on that space.”

ITM started as a supplier for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products and has grown into a global supplier of OE (original equipment) undercarriage solutions.

“I would say moving into the aftermarket products space has been what has made us evolve as we were previously an OEM company only,” Slaughter says.

“We now merge customers’ expectations and ideas with the reality of ITM and then provide a new range which we’ve taken to the aftermarket space.”

With the company’s sights set on the future, smart technology is expected to pave the way for future undercarriage upgrades.

“I think the thing we would say is next for ITM is smart technology,” Slaughter says.

“We want to utilise digital technology and tie the big data drive that our customers have into smart management of undercarriages and how we produce products as well.”

Mining companies have already harnessed smart technology for many pieces of equipment and components for various tasks.

“There are very different trends in solutions across the globe and that can be driven from materials, operation and maintenance – all sorts of things. It’s a very broad range in how you can assist the customer in all those aspects,” Slaughter says.

According to Slaughter, a lack of proper vehicle maintenance is the root of most undercarriage issues in Australia.

“Poor maintenance would be the main thing we solve,” he says. “Particularly a lack of understanding around the direct impact of undercarriage maintenance to customers costs. This also impacts physical downtime and unrealised production when not managed correctly.

“It’s mainly metallurgical, design and research. A lot of it is around extending life and providing the solutions that are actually required versus a package only made one way. It’s a bit more of an encompassed full circle approach with the customer.”

ITM’s global network is a vital part of its position as a leading global brand in undercarriage components and solutions.

The company works with many global OEMs and aftermarket customers on research and development to stay at the forefront of industry demands by listening to client feedback.

“When we’re looking at product development or anything like that it’s very much a global strategy,” Slaughter says.

“It’s important for us to be a global network as we can draw on different experiences and we can utilise the full capabilities of our business. We have a lot of smart people in different pockets and we draw them in as content experts in certain sections.”

ITM continues to grow an already wide range of undercarriage products in the aftermarket field.

This article also appears in the May edition of Australian Mining.

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